Helping Your Biz To Go Greener

As the year comes to an end, it’s a great time to assess your eco-friendly efforts and create some goals for 2021. To help your biz to go greener, try taking onboard these five ideas.

1 . Sustainable Construction

When you are commissioning any renovations on your commercial building, ensure that you prioritize sustainable construction methods. For example, if your building needs an insulation update, consider using green-insulation. Two of the greenest insulation materials for properties include recycled newsprint and denim.

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your roof? In this case, you could consider installing solar panels, providing your business with a renewable form of electricity. A green-roofing structure is another eco-friendly option. These structures are made by covering your existing roof with vegetation such as grass, bushes, and plants. The benefits include enhanced air quality, reduced heating costs, and a waterproofing system. When you are commissioning your next building projects ensure that you use concrete water tanks, to collect and utilize the rain water.

2 . Consider your CSR efforts

CSR means ‘Corporate Social Responsibility,’ it’s a company practice that aims to contribute to wider society, using activist or charitable causes. To go greener as a business, it’s worth gearing your CSR efforts towards eco-based charities and causes. When you align your business goals with sustainability, you will also boost your reputation and gain credibility amongst new audiences.

  1. Focus on lean

Lean principles can be defined by improving the efficiency of your production procedures, with the aim of creating less waste. Though this is the main definition, lean principles can be applied to other operations besides manufacturing. Lean is about reducing waste that may occur due to mistakes, wasted time, poor storage, overproduction, or ordering too much stock. Waste can also occur due to inadequate recycling and waste management policies. When you focus on lean principles to minimize waste, you will create a greener company and save money.

  1. Cloud Technology 

To reduce your use of paper and enable telecommuting opportunities, the cloud is what you need! These efforts can help you to go greener and boost the productivity of your company. When you rely on cloud-based technology, it’s important to invest in a robust security solution to keep your data and your network safe. Look into identity management systems, mobile device management, and consider cybersecurity insurance.

  1. Apps to help

For further ideas about going greener as a business, why not try these nifty applications:

  • iRecycle: Using the iRecycle app, you can search for recycling centers and guidance to improve your recycling efforts as a business.
  • DropCountr: You can connect the DropCountr application to your water company to monitor your usage and make efforts to conserve more water.
  • Forest: Forest is a productivity app, allowing users to plant virtual trees to stay focused on their projects. The great part is, these guys have teamed up with ‘Trees for the Future,’ (meaning many of these trees get planted for real)!

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