Hello, Well It Looks Like I Am Back…. For Now

Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonJUDGING BY THE FACT that I am sitting here at my computer banging away on the keyboard (aka typing) at 12:30am here in Brooklyn, NY it looks like I am back. It feels good to be pumping out words that will hopefully prod you into thinking about something you have not thought about much if at all. Okay, it’s time for me to confess to the fact that due to my “vacation” from writing I am clueless as to what to write about. If this was a soap opera we just pick-up where we left off in the last episode. Since this is not the case here we can consider this article to be my second I don’t know write about article.

During my absence there was another Republican Presidential Candidate debate which I believe was broadcasted on CNN which is a decidedly liberal news media outlet. I did not pay much of any attention to the debate as since the last election when the Republicans took the elections by storm promising to bring the country back. The results are there for all to see which is to say the same rhetoric followed by the same old philosophy of talk big but do nothing if elected. In my opinion all elected officials should be put on a probation period similar to when you start a new job. You either make good on your promises or show promise enough to warrant a full year or so. During your probation we the people (your employers) can fire you if we don’t like the job you are doing. Sound fair to anybody out there?

LinkedIn and Facebook upped the ante in their war for social media supremacy. As somebody who invests significant time on both sites I am sitting on the sidelines trying to figure out what either of them will come up with that will rattle their opponent to the point where they have to make a counter splash. Chess is not a game I understand nor try to but Facebook vs LinkedIn has become one heck of a chess match. So far they both seem at loss to deliver the knockout blow. If had to pick a favorite to emerge as the winner I would go with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

Since I wasn’t doing any writing I wound up rediscovering my love of music. Through the magic of You Tube I was able to watch Harry Chapin perform while remembering how much I loved his “story songs” for their melody and of course their lyrics. Next up was Phil Ochs. While shopping at a Sam Goody’s Record Store in Woodhaven, NY I came across Phil’s records as they were just ahead of records by Tom Paxton and Pete Seeger. I spent years trying to learn as much as I could about Phil who took his life back in 1976. All of those I stopped listening to years back because I started to disagree with their politics where now part of my life again. Imagine sitting in the audience where the performer enchants you with his words while accompanying himself on a six string acoustic guitar. Very special!

Not to be content with that I watched some recent live Rolling Stones concert clips. I always liked them better than the Beatles but I stopped listening to that type of music as well for a long time. I also saw Neil Diamond in concert via you tube along in addition to Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon (solo), Art Garfunkel (solo), Don McLean, The Moody Blues amongst many more. I made myself a promise that I would never again let these artists and their music out of my life again.

Hey, The Mets are in the World Series! Being a Bronx boy I always (still do) root for the Yankees. As a kid I hated all sports but baseball especially since the games always seemed to pre-empt Officer Joe Bolton who was the host of “The Clubhouse Gang” and “Three Stooges Funhouse” since they were both on WPIX TV here in New York. I would sit through bits and pieces of the game even though I had no clue what was happening. To this day I don’t remember how it came about that I started to like baseball. But, if anybody is interested I could tell you how I came to love pizza. THANK YOU MOM!

So I rambled a little about politics. I rambled about music. I rambled about sports. I rambled about TV and whatever I could think of. After not having any idea of what to write about this article is now close to 800 words long. Not bad!

Hello again to all but it is time for me to say goodnight. For the record it is 1:50am Eastern Standard Time here in Brooklyn, NY USA home of Coney Island with the best cyclone in the world. I’ve heard it’s the best but I am too chicken to go on a ride like that.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. lol! Okay, my friend. You have rambled and I have immensely enjoyed your ramble. It’s a shame some of your links did not work. I would have loved to listen to some Harry Chapin! I think I’ll go look him up on Youtube and just get lost in “Taxi” and “Sequel”, two of my many, many favorites from him.
    Politics I’m not going to get into. I have political opinions as we all do and I choose to keep them to myself. Perhaps I’ll stick my toe in the water by saying that whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal or none of the above… we just don’t seem to have a great cast of characters to choose from.
    On to sports. Well, I have my fingers crossed for the Mets with the rest of us. Let’s hope they don’t do another 14 innings again. I can’t stay up that late!
    Now on to my favorite subject… ROLLER COASTERS! I have never done the Cyclone there on Coney Island. But I’ve done some of the most famous coasters in the world and I will add this one to my list as soon as I can convince my husband to finally take me to New York. I’ll post the pics on Facebook. In fact, I’ll post some other pics of me on coasters on FB. That should be fun.
    Take care, be well and glad to have you back! 🙂

    • Hi Ahndrea,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. The closet I ever got to the Cyclone (we live very near Coney Island) was standing next to it. I saw all I needed to see to convince me to not brave it. If you go on you YouTube I highly recommend you listen to the Bottom Line Concerts which commemorated his 2,000th concert. The Bottom Line was a small club in the famous and historic Greenwich Village section of Manhattan where many acts were seen. Phil Ochs (my hero) gave a terrible concert there as he was very drunk and nearing the end of his life(that he eventually took) but came out an did an incredible version of his song “Crucifixion” which is not about religion but a very powerful song and lyrically excellent. I was at another club that night seeing Tom Paxton (Phil’s friend) who gave a mediocre concert. It’s great to see your comments again. Folk Music has some very talented artists whom if you wish I could “turn you on” to. All my best!

    • That would be awesome, Joel. Peter (my spouse) used to live in Greenwich Village so I’m sure he could tell me about this. But yes, please do! I love music in all forms, but I did listen to “A Better Place to Be” by Chapin and of course got tears in my eyes as I always do when I listen to his music. It’s a shame and a tragedy that he was taken from us so young. Just think what more he had left to give! It would be an honor to hear these two fine men. Hit me up! 🙂 All my best, too!

    • I’m listening to “Crucifixion” now. Wow! That’s all I can say. I’m hooked. 🙂 Thank you for turning me on to this treasure.

    • You will love the way Harry does “A Better Place To Be” on the Bottom Line concert. Look for Bottom Line picture next to the videos. What a great show. Sorry I missed it! I highly recommend you listen to Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, Arlo Guthrie, Woody Guthrie (Arlo’s father and the “father of folk music), Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan (earlier stuff), Simon & Garfunkel, Melanie (aka Melanie Safka), The Byrds (folk rock), Don McClean, Eric Anderson, Tim Hardin, Joni Mitchell (before she started doing jazz), Judy Collins to name a few. Ask your husband to tell about the Bottom Line, The Bitter End, (aka The Other End), Kenny’s Castaways, & Gerde’s Folk City (where so many of these artists got started.) Ask him also about Washington Square Park, The Halloween Parades (there is one every year(, and Bleecker Bob’s records. The East Village was the home of the Punk Music Scene.

    • WOW! I mean, really, like WOW Joel! Thank you so much. Music is a very large part of my life and just because I wasn’t even born yet when all of this was going on doesn’t mean I can’t reap the bounty and benefits from it now thanks to friends like you! You are going to make me stay up all night again listening to these people. But, hey. That’s all right. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • No need to listen to all of them right away but the more you expose yourself to this music you will hear lyrics that are pure poetry. I am sure your husband can fill him the information I gave you. How are things going on your new job?

    • Well, it’s not been inked yet. Which, to be honest, gives me pause. They seem to be dragging their feet and I don’t really know why. I sent them the list of questions you and I cam up with, and a few more that I thought of. The president got back to me with some in line answers. But, that’s about it. It’s okay if they don’t pull the trigger. I’m a big enough girl to say that it will be their loss. But, still, it seems an incredible waste of everybody’s time. So, I guess we shall just see. Thanks for thinking of me! It will all be okay.

    • After all this time and they haven’t sent you anything? Have they given you a reason for the delay? If they don’t answer all of your question to your satisfaction then it is time to move on! If you really want to do recruiting from home and are willing to work on a straight commission basis there are no shortages of firms that would take you on. Are you looking just to handle the candidate sourcing end or do you want to be a Full Desk/Full Cycle Recruiter where you develop your own client relationships (aka building a book) in addition to sourcing candidates for your own job orders? The latter is the way to go as that is how you make more $!