H e a r t. Do you feel it? The pulse. The quiet rhythm in every single being. Why a child stops. Looks for the tiniest rock. A beetle. A flower. Another life. A new friend. A teacher. Focus. And you may still find it. In your heart.

– Maria Lehtman

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Maria Lehtman
MARIA has over 20 years of Sales, Marketing, and Professional Services experience from the international telecommunications and travel industry. Her achievements include successful global Transition, Transformation and Competency programs in management roles at global telecommunication field. She is currently working in International Sales & Marketing department with transversal employee and executive social media engagement development programs. Maria is passionate about the digital empowerment and the opportunities it can provide for people around the world. She is a dedicated photographer and digital artist engaged in several creative projects at any given time. She is a compassionate leader, and her mission is to support people in self-transformation and in embracing new skills. Her trademark is her capability to share a smile even during the most challenging ccircumstances and keep a 'mindfulness'-attitude. Maria’s posts and thoughts represent her own view of the world. See Maria's current publication on Amazon.com
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Len Bernat

Maria – So much emotion in just a few words. So moving – thanks for shaing your talent with us.

Larry Tyler

You have this amazing ability to say so much using so few words. I truly loved this.

Jane Anderson

I can almost hear the music behind your poem.