Heard Any Great Ideas Lately ?

Ideas matter. There are great ideas. There are bad ideas. Every successful business was someone’s idea or brainchild. Conversely, every failed business was someone’s idea or brainchild. What’s the key factor in a great idea that successful and a bad idea that fails? Tesla was an idea. LinkedIn was an idea. Solyndra was an idea. was an idea.

Every idea is the result of a person’s thought process to solve a particular problem or issue. In the 21st century, the world is awash with problems that will need to be solved in order for humanity to survive. At the end of the day, great ideas are humanity’s best way to solve the inexorable problems that occupy so much of our elected leaders’ time.

Ideas, beliefs, values, and cultural norms, by influencing the behavioral responses of people who believe in them can create a society and influence historical events as likely as the mysteries of nature impact the ecosystem of Earth. Further, great ideas can turn around a situation or society that is failing to reach their goals. Current labor laws and environmental regulations came about from concerned citizens and legislators who saw a problem and acted quickly to address it.

Where do great ideas arise from? The subconscious mind? The conscious mind? The heart? Is there a certain part of the human psyche that develops them? Where do bad ideas come from? Is there a different part of the human psyche that develops them?

So many questions with so few precious answers.

I believe that great ideas need a social and environmental construct in order to germinate and blossom. Specifically, I believe that when people come together in groups to solve a problem, it creates a shared collective consciousness that leads to great ideas. For example, the founders of the United States of America worked collectively to create and design the Constitution of the United States of America.

There are more historical events like this one in history. Great ideas also arise from visionary leaders and thinkers. Men like Aristotle, Jefferson, and Musk. Below is a great quote from Elon Musk.

The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.

Where do you believe great ideas come from? Where did you turn when you need a inspirational great idea? I encourage you, dear reader, to share where you think great ideas arise from? If you enjoyed reading this article today, please like and share it with your colleagues on LinkedIn.


Phillip D'Amato
Phillip D'Amato
Phillip D ‘Amato is an echocardiographer who has a passion for writing and for reading classic literature. I have worked in the field of non-invasive cardiology for twenty-five years. I enjoy studying history and am committed to preserving the environment for future generations. I write primarily about technology and other diverse fields on social media. I am working on e-publishing a sci-fi anthology series in the near future. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and here.

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  1. I really enjoyed this article.I believe that having an open mind is helpful to everyone, especially to a lead.
    Have an open mind means to be willing to consider or take new and different ideas, become flexible and adapt to people and new experiences and events that are experienced, experimenting with new ways of thinking and challenge beliefs. I tend to consider people with an open mind those who know how to enhance their curiosity and then exploit it effectively. Open minds are curious because they do not stop on the surface, go beyond. If we think, what is the best way to overcome the surface of things? Surely “to ask questions”! An open mind is willing to listen to the views of other people, it is liberal, more open to discussion, is tolerant, willing to consider, develop and make in the case their new ideas. It can accept many different behaviors and hardly upsets for the diversity of others. It is receptive because listens carefully to what others have to say and take into consideration the suggestions, without being presumptuous. Is adaptable, in fact knows easily change its behavior or ideas in order to deal with new situations that gradually come its way. It is enterprising because it is willing to try new things, new ideas and methods. It does not require or impose beliefs, lifestyles, ideas. It does not like to judge, especially if it do not know. Be open-minded also it means approaching with people without necessarily losing their own principles or their own moral integrity. An open mind, allows the imagination to develop creativity.
    It is not an easy process: each of us in fact identifies with their own beliefs, which are actually our identities of the moment, and consider their own beliefs as the only truth. But society constantly changing requires people with an open mind and critical, in search attitude, willing to learn and to face the new, skilled in distinguishing permanent from changing, prone to dialogue and capable of discernment.
    In conclusion, I think basically for an open mind the watchword is “knowledge”, broaden their boundaries and broaden their experiences, never stop looking for new ways of doing and seeing things. It ‘need to think in a different way to get rid of their limitations. Open-minded people are more likely to reach their full potential in life because they know the risk, who dare, are not satisfied by easier option. These people are always looking for something, they are unconventional in the positive sense of the term and are willing to learn anything from anyone.