Healing the Relationship to One-Self is Healing for All

Every relationship, whether that be to one’s career, significant other, friend, colleague, family member, neighbour, health, personal growth, spiritual growth… is a relationship to One-Self. Everything that we are experiencing in our lives, whether that be perceptually harmonious or disharmonious is a reflection from with-in.

We may consider, for example, a pointed finger at someone or something outside of ourselves to cast blame, reveals 3 fingers pointed at us. With this awareness that All comes from with-in, and thus mirrored in our reality, our experiences, how then do we heal and harmonize that relationship with-in us?

The moment we acknowledge that we have consciously and/or unconsciously created an experience, we are spontaneously empowered to heal and harmonize the relationship with-in, as we are Master Creators of our reality.

A powerful, life-changing example in my life of healing the relationship to my Mother, hence, the Mother/child relationship with-in me, was having commanded to be shown another way to heal and transform- catalyzed by a near “death” experience.

As a child, I had an experience of neither being seen nor heard- hiding behind the curtain for fear of what might happen if I spoke my feelings, thoughts and expressed my emotions freely. All these unexpressed thoughts, feelings and emotions had to “go” somewhere… which manifested in the seat of anger- the liver to scream out there and finally be recognized, seen and heard.

Through this powerful life-changing journey, that found myself commanding another way to heal/transform and empower my life, various alternative healing modalities were presented to me. Through the exploration of these different modes of healing that I resonated with, such as Reiki, Theta healing, and meditation, I found my voice- gave my-Self permission to speak my sacred truths that longed to be expressed and heard. I began sharing my authentic truths through the written and spoken word– books literally wrote themselves, and deep healing organically unfolded. Through no longer casting blame for my experiences, and hence, spontaneously empowered that all medicine and wisdom was with-in me- my cells, ancestral memory (engrained subconscious cellular belief systems from previous lifetimes that I was not aware of) and calling forth the lesson of an experience by asking empowering questions such as, “If I knew what the lesson was of this experience, what would I know it to be? What would be a loving solution? What would love choose right now?” spontaneous healing happened. Whatever may have been in the way of Self-Love, Self-acceptance of the inner Mother/child relationship with-in, fell away naturally, as I was no longer giving away my power to anyone or anything outside of myself, rather, harmony of the acceptance from with-in, was reflected in many of my relationships.

A mirror of the harmony with-in the relationship to the Mother/child within me, for example, was reflected in experiencing an entirely different Mother- one that now acknowledges me, hears me, loves and accepts me. Additionally, I also experienced more vibrant health, loving and empowering relationships and connections- more peace and harmony throughout all areas of my life as everything one experiences is a relationship to One-Self- There is no other- the Other is YOU.

Another gift that revealed itself through spontaneous Self-love, Self-acceptance, allowing the Mother with-in to nurture my inner child and calling forth the lesson with pure intent of my heart, was the Self-realization that the only One that can truly love me, accept me and acknowledge me, is my-Self. The bursting forth of Self-compassion and the integration of this powerful lesson-the gift, not only assisted in deeper healing for myself, but also, I was now able to hold sacred space for my Mother in her transformation too- seeing her already loved, love-able, caring, compassionate, valuing her Self-worth.

With respect to other relationships in my life being healed and empowered, such as my health, family, colleagues, personal and spiritual growth, I experienced more peace and harmony too.

My relationship to my health and well-being, for example, changed dramatically. Through Self-acceptance, Self-love and the awareness and empowerment that everything comes from with-in, hence, reflected in our experiences… allowing my-Self to feel, and love the anger with-in, from not expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions  as a child-possibly rooted in other lifetimes, and calling forth the message/lesson from the experience through Self-realization, from deep within my cells, my heart, liver, spontaneous physical healing organically unfolded. Acceptance of what is, exactly as it is in the moment, and the calling forth of the lesson with pure intent to integrate it with-in our energy system, are the golden keys to self-healing and empowerment as the Master Creator of our lives.

May we all be empowered to realize that we have the power to heal All of our relationships from with-in through love, acceptance, and integration of lessons through Self-realization.

Healing the relationship to One-Self is healing for All.

May we all live from the Sacred Heart, through the Sacred Heart, as the Sacred Heart, through every thought, word, and deed.


Glenda-Ray Riviere
Glenda-Ray Riviere
Glenda-Ray Riviere is an Energy Healer Intuitive and Author of the book “Transformative Meditation.” She also taught and guided young children in public schools for 33 years. As a young child, Glenda-Ray had an experience of not being seen or heard, hiding behind the curtain for fear of what might happen if she felt and expressed her thoughts and feelings. All of these unexpressed thoughts, feelings, and emotions led to a near “death” experience as a young adult. Through this life-changing experience, Glenda-Ray commanded to be shown another way to heal, transform and empower her life. Several different alternative healing modalities were presented to her. Upon exploring these various modes of healing such as Reiki, Re-connective healing, Theta Healing and Meditation, Glenda-Ray remembered her voice, gave herself permission to began to speak the deep truths that lay within and share her wisdom and intuitive gifts gleaned from her transformational journey. She offers personal and group sessions, holding sacred space in the transformation and empowerment of others, journeying them back to their heart to integrate healing through Self-realization. Glenda-Ray is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.

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  1. I love your phraseology – “heal the relationship with-in and work on that harmony for your own self”. Powerful for me to read this! It sounds like taking accountability, exploring and honouring your inner child, and just self-love has created such a transformation to your inner and outer worlds, Glenda – a beautiful share. Thanks!

    • Thankyou Maureen. Indeed Self-Love is the Golden key to healing All of our relationships- All from with-in.