Only love can stop hatred, it is an ancient law.

  • One category of the web that has the audacity as much as the presumption to look inside, not inside themselves, but inside us, is the so-called category of haters, i.e. serial haters, the detractors, those who dismantle your persona in public, with a few, precise, words planted like swords inside your chest.
  • Haters, especially Facebook haters, do not limit themselves to exerting their uncontested, gratuitous hatred towards celebrities, so to speak, but they do so randomly, almost at random, motivated solely by their innermost frustrations, the ones they would never tell anyone about, in order to avoid public recognition of their weaknesses and, why not, let me tell you, their pettiness.
  • The infinite universe of the Web also never ceases to amaze us because of certain ‘special presences’ that it encompasses. Among these, we discover the ‘haters’ or ‘haters’ or ‘professional provocateurs’.
  • Haters are like crickets. Crickets make a lot of noise, you can hear them but you cannot see them, and when you pass by them, they become silent.
  • To understand the phenomenon of haters you have to understand who you are dealing with. These are men and women from all walks of life and with the most varied jobs who form a people within a people and who are turning social networks into a place of hatred rather than a free exchange of ideas.
  • The supposed anonymity granted by the internet in this global square where everyone feels entitled to talk about everything has triggered what is turning into a social emergency that needs to be addressed.
  • What, according to many observers, escapes the average hater is that behind the insulting profile there is a flesh and blood human being, a person with a real life, a real family, real friends, and dignity.
  • Regulating the phenomenon by punishing the perpetrators of social hatred is not easy. You would need global laws that are difficult to enforce since, depending on the latitude, an insult can be more or less heavy and therefore the crime more difficult to establish.
  • Haters only hate the things they cannot have and the people they cannot be. It is just a little thing called jealousy.

Hatred has caused many problems in the world but has not yet solved one of them. The insult, even before scratching our identity, soils the beauty of the world.

  • Instead of evaporating, hatred finds folds in which to rage: written expression.
  • Hatred comes from the heart, contempt from the head. And neither feeling is often under our control.
  • People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you.

…If this is your way of loving, please hate me…

Your comments are much appreciated.


Rached Alimi
Rached Alimi
My name is Rached Alimi. I am a Senior Director with over thirty-five years of banking experience in this field and in other more complex ones. Titles don't mean anything. Our actions are what is truly priceless. I love to dig into the depths of being and seize the most beautiful pearls to share with those who are capable of receiving them. I love to write and think, and I am convinced that a careful reading of the works of a writer makes his personality and understanding surface much more than the knowledge presented within his biography. Because the latter reflects what he has in common with the rest of humanity, as presented in his works.

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  1. This phenomenon has become increasingly imposing and invasive, almost uncontrollable, to the extent that it has led the various platforms to continuous changes in their regulations. Remedies that, however, are not always effective results. Basically, the hater always aims to identify a detail or a pretext that can be targeted and against which to rage.
    the functioning of social networks contributes to the perception of the other as “not entirely real”, the idea of ​​the other as a person with a history, a private life, one’s own thoughts and emotions is lost. This allows the hater to dehumanize those in front of him by decreasing the perception of actually hurting someone. But in general, these are people with low socio-cultural levels: having few resources, material or cognitive, increases the use of aggression and violence in the face of what is perceived as different.
    Social networks can be a rich and varied space for sharing and growth. We know that imagining them intact and without aggressive subjects is rather utopian, so it is also our responsibility to recognize them, not feed them and set the necessary limits to be able to enjoy these spaces to the fullest.

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