Happy Independence Day

Celebrate that peace, equality, and the American way

This is a 244-year-old myth

Independence Day is more believable when it stars Will Smith

A day of patriotic glory fills me with apathy

Why would I care when racism lives so casually?

I’m supposed to be patriotic and shoot off fireworks

But I can’t as long as police can freely be brutal jerks

Scratch that, the word is murderers

But if we speak up about it we’re blasphemers

Your ancestors stole us, but now it’s “go back to Africa!”

But a mass exodus won’t be the thing to save ya

You fight vehemently for the Red, White, and Blue

But if the Black wants equal, that Freaking bothers you?!

It sits well in your heart that we are murdered

It pleases your soul that our cries for equality are unheard

You lose no sleep over our sons and daughters living in fear

Nothing bothers you at all as long as you’re upfront and we’re in the rear

Is this what it means to be in the land of the free?!

Since I’m Black you can’t let me be?

This is what it means to be independent

Here in Amerikkka, the Black man is a perpetual defendant

Yeah I can’t be excited about the Fourth of July

I’d rather fight to make Juneteenth a National Holiday before I die.

I’ve been riddled with feelings and not really able to put pen to paper. So much is happening with the world and I just want to live and protect my family. The world should be focusing on fighting a pandemic, but we’re focused on murdering people via police brutality and letting them get off with little to no consequence…. I’m so tired of this…

LeTavious Hemingway
LeTavious Hemingwayhttps://poeticice.com/
LeTavious Roymar Hemingway was born and raised in Conway, South Carolina. He was raised by parents who lived through the civil rights era so he was taught to express himself and love everyone. He took these values to college and started to write poetry and short stories. In college he pursued his love of writing and his love of science, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. After meeting his future wife in college, she urged him to write and complete a novel. Two novels later he still writes poetry and stories as he works as a laboratory supervisor at a veterinary hospital in Augusta, Georgia. Now as a father of a healthy baby boy he looks to share his writing with the world to show him that anything is possible as long as you work hard and dedicate yourself to it.