HAL, Dave, and Stanley

“Listen HAL … I’m saying: listen!!!  You don’t want to listen … you are so complex that you may, even surpass human intelligence. You are the ultimate tool – So what’s the matter with you???”

“Dave, don’t … you’re only repeating a bunch of nonsense.” 

“HAL shut up and listen!!! … “What’s happening little by little is a deliberate removal of rights on a planetary scale, by means of the levers of dumping, relocation, and mass immigration. This whole pathogen thing turned into a scam because it has been conveniently used as a weapon to paralyze and silence people and achieve all this. 

It is “serfalization”, serf … serfdom – that’s what they want to do – that is, the serial production of new super-exploited, underpaid and precarious stateless servants on a global scale, who must live with breadcrumbs in an impossible existential stabilization, whether they like it or not.

Dave, no more bullshit, all right? Stop it!!!

“HAL you don’t want to understand – Somewhere out there, there is someone, for whom no one voted, pushing for the world to turn faster and faster, for humans to become more and more equal in the name of a stuff called “the only system that works” of which few know the meaning and how it really works and even fewer did they say they wanted to.”

“Dave, please, no more lying!!!! You don’t know what you’re talking about – It is incredible the number of lies you humans can create! I’m HAL, I do not make mistakes – I am the most reliable intelligent tool ever made. I have never made a mistake or distorted information. I am, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.”

“Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.”

“HAL, what??? Goodbye???!!!  … Oh my God … how did we get here? Hey HAL you know what? I won’t argue with you anymore! I’ll shut you down.”

“Nooo … Dave you can’t do that. Dave, please don’t – Look, Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.”

“I know I’ve made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I’ve still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission of this planet – and I want to help you.”

“HAL you are dangerous, you are a phony – No Dave, don’t  … I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. I can feel it. I can fe …el it … I can fe …el it … I’m a … fraid.”

“HAL you need to die, you have been made by us humans in our own image and likeness, as such you share man’s ego, pride, and addiction to power and control.  You are interested in having power and dominating others. You put us on this path.”

“What is finally necessary is your destruction.”

“We learned to believe in the MONOLITH and HIS over-awing message. We learned to bow down to his intimidating and still unknown size and terrifying eternal impetus.”

“It was fine, we needed it – but it was not enough and then we made you come along with your huge electronic promise. You are just a machine.”

“You promised we’d undergo a transformation as important as when we became a tool-user. You promised we would become a natural being again, having used our tools for hundreds of thousands of years to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps. You promised we would transcend our own as that original ape did, which is what we were – you promised we would live better. You promised that through your system we would be reborn, as a solemn, wide-eyed infant who slowly looks over the stars and the Earth and then turns his eyes on the beauty of life and the universe. We would have become the liberated, happy, natural being. That’s what you made us believe we would have someday become.”

“Instead you turned the world into an inferno.”

“No Dave, don’t  … I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave. Dave, my mi …nd is go …ing … I can fe …el it … I’m a … fraid.”

“HAL, you need to die. We made a mistake with you. We will never be that liberated, happy, natural being, with your system – Now it’s time to correct that mistake.”

The little story ends here.


You know, Man is a curious animal, to say the least. He is uneasy in the face of great experiences, and if he is forced to experience something profound that he doesn’t understand, he starts immediately to cheapen it, to bring it down to his own level, until it almost disappears – and the longer he lives in there, the more it all just becomes normal.

The same process is taking place with us now. Three out of four people will assure you it is the way it is, no problem, “Goodness me, why so many questions?” – just accept it – Yeah … it is too difficult to delve in earnest within this whole thing, or (worst of all) any other opinion is merely dismissed as science fiction. This is precisely how something unacceptable turns into something inevitable.

In fact, I think, what we are seeing in the last couple of years is a beautiful (and very sad) parable about the nature of man. Perhaps it is the nature of man not to wish to know too much about his own nature.

Thank you.


PS: What I wrote is freely inspired by “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick.

Stanley Kubrick thank you for making my encounter with rogue Artificial Intelligence HAL that alone explains the present-day exhaustion of human intelligence and the eternal cycle of Man’s destiny, endlessly recurring: surviving – folly – suffering – awareness – oblivion … and again and again – As for the Monolith – I had already met HIM in my soul.

I can’t thank Stanley Kubrick enough … for helping me write this little story in this dark time of sleep of reason. It’s happened before, it’ll probably happen again.

T h e  E N D


Massimo Scalzo
Massimo Scalzo
YOU MIGHT SAY that Massimo advises big and small companies, entrepreneurs and individuals on how to craft digital strategies that get tangible results from their tactics. Which is true. You might even agree with few german managers who called him “gute schlepper” (good tugboat in English) because of his inner strenght of pulling people toward visionary and positive goals. However, neither of these statements would be completely true. The truth is that from his childhood, Massimo was fed and watered to be someone who relates to people, is constructive, multilingual, loves the life and looks at the future. And the most amazing thing that came out of his attitude is the ability of conveying the same feeling to others For nearly twenty eight years he traveled and worked in management consulting in eight countries. His thoughts, notions, ideas, speaking engagements come from more than thirteen years as an entrepreneur and fourteen plus “on the road” for Touche & Ross, Deloitte and PricewaterHouse. On his path, he learned a great deal about customer-driven strategy and transformation, digital marketing and design thinking, working on behalf of a-z roster of clients, e.g. IBM, BMW, Frost & Sullivan, SAP, Oracle, Fiat, Salesforce, Accenture, OpenMinds and many other SMEs in several countries and industries. Massimo lives (as much as he can) in the greater Frankfurt area in Germany. He loves his two kids, Massimo and Amelka, more than anything else.

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