Hairy Ideas: A World to Explore

I am intrigued by professional organizer Ali Anani; he describes the great possibilities we have in all of life to be creative. His idea attracted me to go on and do research about his idea that is full of joy and artistry.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in different ways.

Of what importance are hairs for hairy plants and animals?

Plants (fruits) are composed of plant cells that are very different from animal cells. Fruits have a fuzz that protects them from insects and other pests. Fruits use their hair to collect the dew in the morning to keep them moist and their hair stands as a barrier. Unlike hairless fruits, they have a glorious lifespan.

On the other hand, some animals use hair for the same reason as plants do: to keep them warm during the winter season, cool, and protected. their underfur acts as an insulating blanket to keep them warm. Some of them use it for camouflage. Let’s be honest, we all love fluffy animals and prefer them over scaly skin and hard shell animals.

If hairs have such importance to animals and plants, why do humans throw their hair away when they go to hair salons?

First of all, many women or men go to trim their hair, and by that, we can’t benefit from it. But according to some, if you cut more than 10 inches of your hair, you can benefit others in many ways.

  1. The hair salon can take this hair and benefit from it has hair extensions and sell it on in different colors and lengths for its customers.
  2. Some salons have deals with charities to give them for people in need such as cancer patients.
  3. There is a woman who went to collect the hair from the barbershop to use it in her garden to keep animals out. She believes that when human hair gets cut off from its full nitrogen and every time it loses its scent she replaces it with new hair.

What are the advantages of hairy seeds and what commercial products can we develop in emulation of these seeds?

We can use avocado seeds to create a full line of hair products and skincare. Almost everyone knows the benefit of eating an avocado, so how about developing products for people and develop commercial products to sell them out for the world.

Those are my ideas for some of the questions that Ali Anani suggested.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

Jumana Anani
Jumana Anani
Jumana Anani holds a BA in Journalism and has a certificate in photography. A creative thinker, full of potentials and ideas. She works with entrepreneurs and has a background in SEO strategies. Jumana always asks mentors for their best piece of advice and captures the wisdom to help create a global commons of advice, a collaborative pool of wisdom that everyone can both contribute and gain from. We all have a unique path in our life, and we can all benefit from the knowledge of more experienced walkers ahead of us, who can guide us crossing the river.