“Habeas Corpus” (Grab Their Ass)

Gumshoe loves ancient history folks, since so much of our modern history repeats the past history in the present recorded events of human folly and in the human (not divine) comedy and mischief in which we all have front-row seating.

In the words of Mark Twain, “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education”.

Gumshoe learned to look behind the curtain and seek the story behind the story.  It was Gumshoe’s  “Eureka Moment” when Gumshoe discovered his own personal “Rosetta Stone” when it came to known truths, knowledge, and applied wisdom.

The Bible for one is the best source, and the study of ancient history is the other.  Both sources contain valuable information (actionable intelligence) that is often ignored by a lot of the current living denizens of this sphere called earth.

Gumshoe will address his love of ancient history.

Gumshoe as a working detective (aka gumshoe) would put together cases against repeat criminals (recidivists) by their particular “M.O.” (Modus Operandi)—the particular way of doing something.

Crooks commit crimes in a manner that had gained them success in the past, and thus so, they repeat it in a similar manner when they commit future crimes. This holds true from the street thug mugger to the serial killer.  Do what works!  Until they eventually screw up and get the “habeas-corpus grab-their-ass” (arrest).

The “M.O.” once recognized as an established pattern of a series of crimes, helped ancient history buff Gumshoe identify the particular recalcitrant low- life-scum-bucket-mouth-breather-room-temperature-IQ-predator’s M.O.

The well-known aphorism of the Spanish philosopher George Santayana:

Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

Sadly rings true to this day folks.  Not exclusively for the miscreants.

Now let Gumshoe turn to one Mr. Marcus Aurelius. He was deemed to be one of the last “good emperors” of the Roman Empire lasting from 27 BC to 180 AD.  “Pax Romana” was a period of relative peace and stability during Marcus’s reign.  Sorta “let the good times roll” era. Mr. Emperor Marcus has been attributed with the following quote:

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

In Gumshoe’s unvarnished and politically incorrect opinion, today’s useful idiots (politicians, business leaders, government heads, military leaders, educators, tech giants, media folks, liberal elites, Hollywood types, etc.,) are definitely and proudly in the ranks of the insane by personal choice.

Safety in numbers Gumshoe suspects since none of these empty-headed people want to be canceled. None of them apparently know of the wise Senor George Santayana nor of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Ancient history BUFFS they are not.  Gumshoe thinks that history will judge this bunch as self-made self-serving BUFFOONS.

It is way past the time for folks to put the “habeas corpus grab their sorry asses” (figuratively speaking) by getting them out of power and influence over our lives.  This is by way of the ballot box; box office box; stockholder ballet; financial bottom lines, etc.

Remember folks always to love the ones who love you and even try to love the ones who don’t.

Coram Deo!

Gumshoe highly recommends the study of the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) asap.


Danny Pitocco
Danny Pitocco
RETIRED (as a Detective with the Snohomish County Sherriff’s Department, Washington State), Danny has over forty years of law enforcement experience across city, county, state and federal levels of government, including service as a Special Agent for the DEA, US Department of Justice. He’s a decorated law enforcement veteran, and recipient of the "Detective of the Year" award for Snohomish County, Danny is a certified composite artist and has testified as an expert witness in the field of narcotics and modus operandi of particular crimes in state and federal courts in California, and has given testimony before federal grand juries. Danny served four years of active duty in the US Marine Corps and loves Jesus as his personal savior.

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  1. Gumshoe,
    Sanity? How about our leaders start telling the truth? Let’s start with Alejandro Mayorkas knowingly lying about the Border Patrol Whipping incident back in September 2021? The President and VP were, as far as I am concerned just as complicit fanning the flames of White Supremacy, referring to the “Dark Days of our Past” vowing to make those responsible pay. When in doubt pull the race card out. Well President Biden time to ante up and apologize to those men and women of the Border Patrol whose lives you have personally destroyed and reassess the future of the real culprit Mayorkas .
    How about our President trying to get the Saudi’s to hold off on reducing their oil output until after the Midterms? They do not care about the suffering of the American people. He always uses that bullshit line at the end of his speeches “May God Bless the United States of America and our Troops”. He does not care one iota about either one and again that showed on his request for the Saudis to delay their oil production cut.
    How about the Lying that went into the Steele Dossier back in 2016? The hits just keep on coming. You are absolutely right that if this country is to change for the better it has to come at the ballot box.
    Thanks again for another great article. 26 days and counting.
    Semper Fi

    • Amen my brother in blue (prior in Marine green). You just scratched the surface as you listed these “man made” problems created by Biden and his sycophants Tom. How about Biden, Inc., being compromised by the Chinese and by the Russians. They have sold their souls. They have definitely committed treasonous offenses against our nation. Their arrogance and ignorance is on display and their vainglory will ultimately lead to their downfall. Every vote counts and these miscreants must be held accountable for the pain and misery they have caused by hating their fellow Americans in their unholy lust for power and control. Damn them all! Semper Fi my brother.

  2. I have no doubt there are many who would agree with you on this one! Until sanity returns to those who care and are in power, things will only get worse. Strength in numbers, strength in prayer, strength in Freedom dear Gumshoe