Growth Of Mobile Coffee Vans

Coffee vans are great additions to all sorts of events. Conferences, events, launch parties, and even weddings have been boosted by on-the-go coffee being provided on-site. If you’re looking to put together an outdoor music festival, it’s only natural that you’d be interested in anything that can help attract people to your event. At festivals all over the world, we have noticed coffee vans popping up!

And coffee is, of course, universally popular. You only need to look at beverage industry statistics to see that this is the case. While tea has often always been stereotypically linked to the UK – alongside crumpets – the reality is that coffee is an ever more popular beverage all around the world. It’s thought that one in three people drink a cup of coffee every day.

When it comes to running a music festival, you’re obviously going to want to cater to people’s needs for the duration of their stay. So it holds that at least one in three of your festival goers will be looking for a fresh cup of java to keep their energy levels high. Short of building a coffee shop on your festival grounds (a logistical and budgetary nightmare), it doesn’t seem like you have many solutions, but that’s exactly where a mobile coffee stand or coffee van can help. You can hire all the equipment and supplies – complete with professional baristas – to cater for festival-goers’ caffeine needs. Better yet, you can even get the stall or stand branded with the festival’s logo and title. This, along with other essentials, can only help keep music lovers happy and present at your festival throughout the day.

Things To Consider Before You Hire One

When it comes to hiring a mobile, pop-up coffee stall or van, you may find that you have a number of choices. So how do you determine what company can best provide you with what you need?

The first thing to consider is what you’re looking for. Do you just want a pop up mobile coffee bar? Perhaps a coffee van providing espressos and cakes on-the-go? Or are you looking for an exhibition stand? It’s good to consider what would work best for your location or within any location-based constraints. For example, there needs to be a sufficient turning circle or space to fit in a van. If you haven’t got that to spare, then maybe a stall would be better.

There are also other considerations too – such as energy requirements and water supply. Perhaps you also want a particular product range to be available. For example, some services may only provide coffee. Others can provide a barista who will create the best coffees and espressos. Certain services should be able to offer alternatives to coffee such as English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea, and high-quality drinking chocolate too. Finally, the quality of the coffee matters. This is not only a matter of taste. It is particularly important if you require ingredients or products that have been ethically or locally-sourced because your business’ image – either privately or publicly – is centred towards, for example, your environmental credentials. Knowing the provider’s stance on sourcing its refreshments in advance could save you embarrassment later!

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