Growing Organically Through Grace

–Attaining Freedom from Karma

Two of the most defining events in my life both took place in Tokyo in 1985. The first was my marriage to a Japanese man with whom I would have two children and acquire the surname Urabe. The second was a date with divine destiny; meeting my Spiritual Master.  Youichi and I were married in mid-November and went to the Philippines on our honeymoon. Ironically the trip was such a disaster that we returned to Japan earlier than anticipated, just in time for me to participate in a Shaktipat Intensive with an Indian Guru at the end of December.

“Shaktipat”, or “the descent of Grace”, is a mysterious process by which a Realized Master awakens the dormant Kundalini energy in a seeker. During the actual Intensive it did not appear that anything out of the ordinary had taken place. I didn’t consciously feel different and in fact, when the Master was going through the rows of participants giving the symbolic “touch” on the head to give form to the esoteric nature of what was transpiring, I was passed over! I felt her robes as she walked past me but no touch on the head. It would take me several years to understand that this, too, was a profound and deeply personal teaching.

Despite the initial sense that nothing significant had occurred I quickly began to receive what I now call “Orders From Headquarters” and the first of three pilgrimages to India was undertaken in November of  1987. One experience that quietly shook me to the core and which would remain a guiding light for me from that point forward was a vision I had during a meditation. I saw myself riding a train and as I sat and looked out the windows, I understood that on one side were things that I had previously labelled as good or desirable while on the opposite side were things I had judged to be bad or undesirable. The “pre Shaktipat” me would have easily been distracted by emotional reactions to the attachments and aversions associated with my likes and dislikes. But I instinctively knew that everything had changed in the moment of initiation and that I no longer wanted to succumb to the desire for distraction or attempt to project my pain onto any external object or circumstance.

The train was zooming past karmic impressions at such speed that I was barely able to recognize them but I did see clearly how much time and energy I used to expend jumping off the train on the whim of ego, which was just as likely to chase after pain as it was to seek pleasure. And I somehow instinctively knew  that, because I had been initiated into the nature of reality by a true Master, there was now only thing required of me in order to most effortlessly reach the goal and destination of full Self Realization:



Elizabeth Urabe
Elizabeth Urabe
As an artist, Elizabeth R. Urabe has always only had one goal: to translate the invisible energies of Absolute Truth into tangible form using abstract design, color, and poetic imagery, so that an ever-increasing number of people might have more direct access to the inner realms of human existence. In early 1995, with no art training whatsoever, she began spontaneously to draw the pictures now known as Urabe Spirit Art and to date has channeled more than 750 designs, each one perfect, whole, and complete, exactly as it is. No thought is ever involved in the birthing process and Elizabeth has always referred to her role as that of a "spiritual midwife" rather than the creator of this extraordinary body of work. And remarkably, despite incredible complexity of design and detail, no single picture has ever taken longer than one week to complete. In 2011, intuitively entering a picture birthed in 1995 titled Divine Unity, Elizabeth was one of three first-place winners of the unprecedented American Batik Design Competition, organized by (then) the Ambassador to the US from the Indonesian embassy in Washington DC, Dr. Dino Patti Djalal. As a result, she was awarded a three-week tour of some of the most prominent batik and fashion companies in Indonesia and now has contacts in Jakarta who have created breathtakingly beautiful silk shawls for ladies and one of a kind original shirts for men; each piece endowed with the living 4000-year-old history of Indonesia's perfected batik techniques and the essence of Urabe Spirit Art as both the energetic and design inspiration. Early in 2016, in answer to the global craze for coloring books, Elizabeth rose to the challenge and in a matter of months, self-published four books; three coloring books for adults, each with original art and contemplative poetry, and a highly interactive book for adults and children to engage in together. The first adult book, Color Me Freedom, was immediately rendered fully into German, and there are French, Spanish, and Russian versions available with the translations of the Artist Introduction and dedication pages. A full Arabic language translation is also soon to be released. With these books, Elizabeth has taken the very essence of her art and offered it in a compact, affordable and interactive format that is especially attractive at this time, when global challenges are both accelerating and intensifying and the need for awakening, healing, and transformational reintegration is more imperative than ever. In Elizabeth's words: " Urabe Spirit Art, in whatever myriad forms it may take, is one of the most powerful reflections of Source energies available to us at this point in the evolution of Consciousness. We are at a crossroads where the fate of our planet and life as we know it may very well depend on the willingness of each individual to embrace the entire spectrum of human emotion and commit to the kind of transformation that only real spiritual growth can offer. There is no longer any middle ground and as long as we (still) believe that Love has an opposite, we are (still) living in fear." It is time for us to say an unequivocal yes to destiny and to take our rightful places as warriors of the Spirit. Let us join in this pure and noble vision, knowing that - together - there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

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