Great Ways To Promote Your Brand All Of The Time

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]E[/su_dropcap]VERY BUSINESS on the planet is always looking to raise awareness of their brand. To do this, they opt for the traditional methods of marketing that they think work best. On the whole, they are effective when it comes to brand awareness. But, they are not the be all and end all because they only work at certain times of the day. The key to promoting a positive brand is to promote it at every opportunity. That way, your consumer base can never get away from your advertising strategy. So, what are the best ways to keep a constant flow of promotion? Let’s find out.

Social Media

The one tool that you have to use is social media because social media is the king of modern day advertising. For one thing, a collection of sites could open up your brand to millions of people. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube get billions of viewers in a single day. Just one percent of that traffic would amount to a huge opportunity. Still, even that is not the most important aspect of social media. The most important aspects are that it is free and addictive. As a result, you can post numerous links and images on the site for your followers. And, because they look at their profile several times a day, they will see it more often.


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Create A Logo

Logos are synonymous with massive companies that control the market. But, that doesn’t mean your SME can’t have a logo. In fact, it should have one for marketing purposes. The great thing about a logo is that it can go anywhere. As long as you make it bigger or smaller to make it fit the scale, there is no place that it will look out of place. The opportunities for your business are endless. You can put it on your business premises, on your stationary, on TV and a billboard in the center of town. Again, this makes it almost impossible not to consume your brand. Providing that the world links the logo to your brand, you are always in the public’s mind.

Personalized Accessories

Talking of stationery, this is another tool that you can’t waste. Although it may only look like a pen or a lanyard to you, to your consumers it is a subconscious advertising tool that sticks in their head. Take the humble pen as an example. If you decide to invest in personalized pens, you can hand them out to a wide customer base. Not only does this increase your base, but it is also a constant reminder of your business. Most people use a pen more than once, and they will notice the writing on every time they do. This works for almost every piece of stationery that your business owns.

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Dress To Impress

One of Motivators promotional products that they believe is effective is personalized clothing. You and your employees may like to dress how you see fit, yet you shouldn’t. Instead, you should cover yourself in your brand. As a business, there are plenty of times when your representatives will be out of the office and mixing with the general public. If they dress in a personalized uniform, they can spread the good word of the firm without saying anything. And, it works. Just think about the blue uniforms that Apple give to their employees in their stores. That simple outfit is synonymous with their brand.


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Company Car

The car you drive is always on show. In fact, thousands of drivers could see your car on a daily basis, yet they may not take any notice. The reason they don’t take any notice is because your motor looks like every other motor on the road. However, a simple branding technique can change all of that. By kitting your car out with your logo or an advertising message, you can stand out from the crowd. Everyone who comes across the car will notice the next time it goes out for a drive. The great thing about driving is that you can hit a new customer base every day. Red Bull use this trick to good effect with their Red Bull cars.


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The Humble Business Card

You would be forgiven if you thought that business cards had no place in modern day marketing. Lots of new age tech geeks like nothing more than to trash the old school techniques because they think they are outdated. However, this is not true because there is a place for the old school in the new school establishment. Business cards still work to this day because they work off a simple principle – people react better to face to face contact. By introducing yourself and your business, you are more likely to stick in their mind. There is no limit to the number of people you can hand a business card to, as long as you have enough!

An Ostentatious Billboard

Again, billboards are not of date, so don’t believe anyone who says otherwise. Billboards are different to business cards as they work off sheer size. If you can get a big enough space in a central location, you can hit thousands of people per day. The great thing about a billboard is that it never comes down. They stay there until the deal runs out or until you come up with another campaign. As a result, they promote your brand twenty-four hours a day.

A Website

One thing you can ill afford to miss out on is a website. Your website is essential as it drives traffic to your brand. Plus, it never comes down. Unlike a billboard, your website can exist for decades if you want it to. The brand opportunities are endless because all your visitors can consume every part of your business in one visit. All they need is the URL. In fact, all they need is to search on Google if you use quality SEO methods.

Business never sleeps, so neither should your marketing.

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