Gratitude Practice

It’s been three months, and I sure hope this new habit of journaling my gratitude is here to stay.  I’ve talked about gratitude, but not until recently, have I made it a daily practice.  I’m finding that my mind is much clearer in the mornings, and the impact of capturing gratitude has been positive for my mindset.

What a blessing it is to provide our minds a gratitude practice!  We all are flawed humans, make mistakes, and are far from perfect.  I’m learning that showing gratitude for others also allows me to show appreciation and gratitude for myself.  I’m surrendering to the fact that I sometimes will veer off course, but then I have to ask myself the question, “What am I going to do to get back on track?”  Additionally, I give myself grace that I don’t need to be perfect; I just will be someone who lives with a positive intention to impact the world.  This practice is building a stronger sense of self-awareness for me.  More gratitude!

Now let’s be clear, these are not physical or material things.  I focus on the emotional gifts I have in my life, the little things that sometimes go unnoticed and honestly never should.

Furthermore, even more powerfully, what a gift it is to share gratitude with our friends, family, colleagues, and clients.  I’m finding that when I go through a tough stretch where my mind is not as straightforward or as optimistic as it can be, I quickly remind myself of all of the positive things I have in my life.  Now let’s be clear, these are not physical or material things.  I focus on the emotional gifts I have in my life, the little things that sometimes go unnoticed and honestly never should.  For example, earlier this week, I found myself being grateful for a conversation with my daughter about sports.  I was grateful to spend time watching Alex Trebek’s final few Jeopardy episodes with my son, Ryder.  I was thankful for the organizational skills my wife brings to our household because it takes away so much unneeded stress.  The most important piece of gratitude though I focus on each day is my health.  I thank God each day for waking me up and allowing me to bring positivity to someone or some group of people.  When I take the time to let that sit in, boy does it fill up my tank.

As I’ve talked with others in my life about a gratitude practice, I will sometimes hear that these practices are tough to keep from their perspective.  Maybe they are, but perhaps they aren’t.  I committed to this and WILL keep doing it.  Hopefully, as we can see the end of this Covid pandemic, I am thankful that this pandemic has slowed life down.  I’m doing my best to remind myself of what is essential.  Little things that used to get under my skin, I’m finding that this gratitude practice is helping remind me to ask myself, “Is it that big of a deal or worth the unnecessary stress of worry?”

It’s now your turn to share with me.  Tell me about your gratitude practice!  How has this new habit changed you, and what do you find most valuable about this process?

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Casey Jacox
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Casey is a father, a husband, a friend, a coach, an author, a podcaster, and a business leader who strives to lead by example through authenticity, vulnerability, and positivity. Casey is the founder of Winning The Relationship which provides sales and leadership coaching to individual producers, teams, and sales leaders looking to take their career to the next level. Casey spent 20 years at Kforce which provides staffing and consulting services to many Fortune 500 companies. As an individual contributor, Casey was the #1 sales professional nationally for 10 consecutive years prior to moving into a strategic leadership role where he provided executive customer support. More importantly, Casey was tasked to coach high performers to get unstuck and also coach sales leaders on ways to strategically motivate and inspire their sales teams. Over his entire career, adversity has always made him stronger. As a life-long learner who is always seeking the path towards mastery, Casey is laser-focused on doing his best to always be in a growth mindset. Once you meet him, you will see how his positive attitude and curiosity inspired him to attract and build long-standing relationships – true relationships that are time tested. Casey loves to laugh and make those around him laugh. He will often tell you, “if we are not having fun, then why do we go to work?” Casey loves to empower people to achieve more than they think they are capable of. Everyone needs coaching in all aspects of our life as he believes that is where growth occurs. Casey is the author of WIN the RELATIONSHIP, not the DEAL.