Got a Bias? A Great Question & A Full Confession

Over the course of publishing circa 22,000 Articles since the launch of this Site many years ago, we’ve been asked a lot of questions, but rarely has one stopped us in our tracks such as the following incoming query in recent weeks;

Do we have a bias?

Gee, we didn’t expect that one. Nor should we have been surprised, given the media arena in which we participate. No doubt this query surfaced following the well-publicized cranking up of censorship by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media giants, presumed to be painting us all with the same brush. Hmmm —Good question. Certainly timely and topical food for thought. So rather than simply dismiss the randomness or perhaps the inference of the question, we took it to heart as an opportunity to step back and ponder for a while. While it may come as a surprise to many, our conclusion was unanimous.

We Confess – The Answer is YES

In doing so, it dawned on us that the honest answer was “of course we do” or better yet, an unequivocal YES. And we concluded without reservation that our bias has pretty much overshadowed what we do and how we do it literally from day one. So we’re guilty as charged, and it’s time for a thoughtful confession. …

We confess to always putting our writers first. Period. We confess to an unrelenting bias towards exceptional writing and storytelling, as delivered by our band of 600+ writers worldwide. We confess an unrelenting bias towards removing all the bureaucracy (wordcounts, subject matter control, frequency mandates, etc. etc.) that gets in the way of inspired writers doing what they do best —write! We confess to presuming that our writers are capable of delivering powerful messages in thoughtful and creative ways, without the need for cumbersome guidance, frustrating delays, and unending roadblocks. We confess to emphasizing the quality of engagement across our distribution networks versus the number of “likes”. Unlike all other publishers who simply publish and walk away, we confess to going the extra mile by sharing all that we publish across all of social media to amplify the visibility of our writers and the powerful messages they deliver.

We confess to having no advertisers or sponsors to pander to, nor a polarized Editorial Board whose music we must dance to. We confess to balancing our time between “publishing good stuff” and delivering pro bono, mission-critical services to good nonprofits across the globe via our GoodWorks 360° enterprise, seeking to offer a hand up versus a handout. We confess to doing whatever we can to rediscover humanity at its very best via our 360° Nation initiatives. We confess to a bias not leaning left, right, or center, but rather leaning forward “for good”.  We confess to collaborating with every day in every way with a thriving “conscious community” where people are bound together by choice —not chance nor edict while remaining together because they want to. Because they embrace and enjoy listening, respecting, empathizing, and supporting without judgment. A community where they feel welcome and safe. Where authentic relationships that can be counted on without hesitation or reservation.

And since we’re confessing, we might as well come clean and admit to a natural bias towards a fair amount of other “good stuff” beyond that which we publish, including; acceptance, joy, perspective, humility, gratitude, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, self-respect, faith, beauty, loyalty, spirituality, justice, love, pleasure, community, hope, recognition, service, kindness, determination, fairness, citizenship, trustworthiness, optimism, responsibility, happiness, reputation, humor, peace, wisdom, boldness, curiosity, authenticity, leadership, challenge, balance, courage, openness, fun, creativity, learning, competency, honesty, dignity, accountability, respect, growth, compromise, autonomy, adventure, success, contribution, friendliness, harmony, candor, tolerance, listening, empathy, and action.

So, borrowing from a popular eighteenth-century editorial; YES Virginia, we do (proudly) have a bias.


Dennis Pitocco
Dennis Pitocco
DENNIS is the Founder & Chief ReImaginator of 360° Nation, encompassing a wide range of multimedia enterprises, including BizCatalyst 360° —the award-winning global media digest; 360° Nation Studios —dedicated to reaching across the world in an effort to capture, produce, and deliver positive, uplifting messages via blockbuster global events, and; GoodWorks 360° —a pro-bono consulting foundation focused entirely on providing mission-critical advisory services to nonprofits worldwide. Collaborating with his Chief Inspiration Officer (and wife), Ali, everything they do is "for-good" vs. "for-profit". Their mission over the past decade-plus has been to rediscover humanity at its best, influencing and showcasing it every step of the way. Together, they do their very best to figure out what the world is trying to be —then using all their resources to help it to be better every day in every way. They understand and embrace the notion that it’s not about me or you; it’s about caring for the people we serve and more responsibly stewarding the precious resources in our care. And they believe it’s about showing up, being present, and intentionally giving our invaluable gifts of time, talent, and treasure "for good". Dennis is a contributing author to the Best-Selling Books ♦ Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational ChangeJourney Well, You Are More Than EnoughThe Four-Fold Formula For All Things Wellness: True Stories of the Heart, Spirit, Mind, and Body.

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  1. Dennis thank you for the bias towards good. You caught me off guard for a second. My heart started pounding. I always question my own bias even when it seems I don’t have them. It made me think of unconscious bias I studied before.

    You are so right about being biased towards making people, who love to write and share their thoughts and feelings, lives easier. You understand all the hoops we have to jump thru in other platforms is part of the conventional systems we created. We lock people’s talents in when we do that. Thank you for creating a loving,compassionate, open minded, close-hearted environment for all of us. Grateful!

    • What a thoughtful response here, Brooke. It’s nice to hear that our approach accomplishes what we set out to do, that is; to provide every writer with the freedom, time and space to write whenever they are inspired about whatever inspires them. Your words matter and we appreciate them!

  2. ROCKING .. everyone has a bias and delighted to be part of this highly biased vehicle that you created Dennis. Thank you for inviting me and thank you for keeping me … love it all. There is soooooo much there is never time to read it all – there is barely enough time to read all the article titles … 22,000 … well, that explains it – I thought it was me!

    Keep up the good work. I think Part two of my ‘future fiction’ story is probably due .. and I mention that because one thing I really do like that is really different to alternatives is that anything goes. Good writing with good viewpoints and voila …

    M A R V E L O U S

    • Thanks, John – it’s all about (actually) putting people first, and you’ve embodied the spirit of that notion for many years, my friend. A natural intersection of “rediscovering humanity at its best” and all that you do…

  3. If these are prejudices, I also confess, as a humble contributor to this forge of prejudices !!!
    In fact, what you say Dennis is the clear demonstration that we all have the privilege of being able to count on a person receptive to changes, new ideas and in general new experiences. A person (and his staff) capable of abandoning closed thoughts, enhancing their curiosity, who does not want to have complete control of the thoughts and things around them, but to experiment with new ways of thinking and challenging beliefs that are held tightly .
    Having an open mind allows you to be tolerant, open-minded, enterprising, adaptable and, in general, more respectful.
    Hope to deserve you !!!!

  4. Great piece Dennis and if being “Bias” means allowing the varied cultures, Authors, to speak and write from the heart, not shutting down because of opinions, when all who write for this site are grateful for the platform, and they are happy to freely give their thoughts without criticism, or hatred, or racial divide, then “Bias” is correct. Positive Bias is a good thing and should be looked at as such, especially in the articles written here so often. I and so many others as I see who responded are thankful, appreciative, and certainly respectful to this wonderful platform.

    • Thank you, Lynn. We believe the old saying that open minds open doors, which is why our doors are open to one and all as a place to feel seen, valued and heard, without reservation.

  5. Dennis – I have had the privilege of writing for you for quite some time. Everything you said in this article is true and is why writers stay with this forum and contribute regularly. Thank you, my friend, for your bias. 😊

  6. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration, Dennis! I absolutely treasure your stand, your vision, your “bias” for all the writers who contribute to BizCatalyst360. And may I offer that I do believe there’s a difference-maybe it’s a little one or a big one-not certain–I believe there’s a huge difference between a bias (which implies unfairness-a slant towards one idea or group of people versus another) and a passionate commitment/vision shaped by core values. My experience of BizCatalyst360 is much support for a growing every single day community of writers who offer many perspectives from a wide knowledge base-interdisciplinary-who write thoughtfully and creatively about many topics. Because there’s no word count control or subject matter control) of this writing, there’s freedom of expression, freedom for engagement and meaningful discussion and connection. I guess if this is bias, I’m deeply grateful for the bias of BizCatalyst360! Diversity of expression allows for innovation, creativity, and curiosity to flourish which are essential to the respectful freedom of expression. Thank you for your passionate vision/bias/commitment! Thank you for being YOU!

    • Good point you make on the implications of the term bias, Laura – although (as with all else that we do), we’re simply reinventing and reimagining the notion of a positive connotation, perhaps to shift the narrative as they say towards looking up and forward vs. the “status quo” or norm. We love the way you embrace both in word and deed the notion of freedom of expression in all that you do. And we too are grateful – know that you are walking this journey alongside us.

  7. People love a confession… you have whipped up your magic and used this term in the best way I’ve ever seen Bias exists.. when in the fortress of truth and the justification for all humanity …best bias really.
    To think of a bias brings the idea of judgement
    To think of a confession brings the idea of atonement

    A Good bias is what is needed for humanity!
    Truly remarkable Dennis!
    Thank you. You are a great inspiration!

    That is an amazing number of articles… wow!
    I’m never short for reading material here!

  8. Well said Dennis. My gosh , just having a few encounters with you, I find your work, your integrity and your honesty uncomparable, All iI can say is Thank You! You are rare gem and I can see by the comments that many agree. You have helped me uncondiionally already with password and other concerns and questions.
    I am so happy to be part if this amazing collaboration you’ve got going!
    Blessings Abundant, Loree xx

    • I believe that Mark Twain spoke about the “truth”. He related that if you stick to the “truth” it is always the best policy since you don’t have to try to remember the lie and all of the false details that support it – too much work! Backwards or forwards, the “truth“ remains the same no matter how it is expressed. Your audience will always recognize authenticity! “Keep on Keeping on” my brother.

  9. Oh my goodness, Dennis, did this catch me by surprise! Not the content, I know your heart well enough that I could intuit exactly how you’d respond to that, but rather my emotional reaction to your response. I burst into tears! Oh does the world need the gift that you all bring!! Thank you for your unabashedly caring and commitment to goodness and connection and making a positive impact. You inspire me to be better – as I suspect you do all of your writers. To think bigger. To keep participating even when, as Yonason said so eloquently the other day, it sometimes feels like we’re “shouting in the wind.” Let’s keep shouting!

  10. Thank you, Dennis, a great ‘eye-opener’ post… loved ALL of your inclusions and especially the last two i.e. Empathy and Action. Yes, we each need to have a bias for positive action, that will steer, encourage, motivate, inspire uplift and embrace all people regardless of their origin or circumstances, status or wealth.

    Robertson Davies, “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

    I don’t believe that it is humanly possible to be without biases – BUT we can each create, develop and practice ‘positive biases’… which will make the world around us prettier.