Getting To Know Your Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney

Convicted of a crime you never did?

It’s the worst; we feel you. Whether you’ve been forced to take the blame or framed for a crime you have never planned on committing, fact remains that the law generally favors the disadvantaged. But what if the person who’s disadvantaged isn’t the accuser but the defendant? If you’ve watched far too many detective movies, like me, you should know that bad guys aren’t always guised as bad guys. Sometimes, they look like the perfect representation of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And these people are to be more feared. After all, nothing is scarier than an oppressor disguising himself as the oppressed. That’s a whole different level of evil right there. Read more here:

We’re not asking for it but what if this same reality happens to you? What will you do then? How can you fight for your right and prove your innocence when the law is generally biased to “victims”?

Let’s face it. We live in a society where people who plead pitifully are granted mercy. Victims of crimes often win the sentiments of the masses and criminals are condemned instantaneously. Yes, with no regard for truth. The moment you accuse someone for hurting, violating, or abusing you, you earn the support of the public. The accused then bears the blame instantaneously, regardless if the case has come to a close or not. There is never justice in a law that fails to uphold truth at all times. Before the truth is deciphered, no one should be convicted of anything. Both the accuser and defendant should stand on equal footing. There should be no condemnation until judgement is officially passed on.

Thankfully, not all champions of justice have this bias for “goody-two-shoes” personalities. Some lawyers treat everyone involved in the case equally. I’m particularly pointing out to criminal defense attorneys. Professionals who, despite obvious disadvantage and criticism, protect people charged with criminal acts until the right call is made. They are fearless, true practitioners of law who give defendants an equal chance to prove their innocence in court. After all, a criminal is not a criminal until he’s lawfully judged as one. People should really learn to respect due process of law and refrain from passing any judgement to persons accused of crimes for as long as the case is still ongoing. For all you know, the real culprit is guised in the face of a victim. Or, the real person responsible for the crime may be getting away while a completely innocent individual is blamed for his actions.

These things happen. They do – even if it sounds farfetched or fictional.

True attorneys are aware of this reality and they help whoever seeks their aid. If they think that the defendant has enough evidence to prove himself innocent, they will go to various lengths just to make the court see what it is they’re missing.

If you’re stuck in a rut right now, or potentially see yourself charged with a false crime in the near future, don’t be afraid to reach out to the right people for help. Call up a Nashville defense attorney, PNC Law and discuss what actions you should take or how you can prepare for such situations in case it happens to you. But don’t just contact any old attorney; get in touch with the very best ones.

Here are some qualities you should look for in a criminal defense attorney:


Well, of course. You’ll be entrusting this person with a very sensitive case – a case that may as well decide what your future holds. You need someone whom you can really, really trust. You see, lawyers are great people. They are champions of justice that fight for what is right – typically. But hey, there are as many bad lawyers as there are good ones so you have to be careful who you place your trust on.


A lawyer who doesn’t censor his words (or fees) is a good lawyer. There’s no use feeding a client with wishful fantasies when you know you’ve got a losing case. Lawyers are experienced enough to know which cases can still be saved and which ones are just hopeless. A good lawyer will present you with the odds right off the bat – not lure you into some fantastical drama only to crush your expectations (and wallet) in the end.

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