Getting Legal Representation From Employment and Personal Lawyers

Today, we are going to discuss both workplace gender discrimination and workplace injuries and how employees and employers can find a way to work it out; whether by legal representation or having the right tools in place.

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination takes place in a workplace environment when the employer shows discriminatory tendencies toward an employee as a result of their gender identity. This kind of discrimination can consist of the termination of a transgender worker or someone attempting to transition from one gender to the next. Once the employer is able to prove this fact about the employee, the employer discriminates if the employer fires the employee for this reason.

The Case

A gender discrimination case could be a long and arduous process, but nothing that an employment lawyer would not be able to represent. It could take up to seven years or more. One of the reasons for this is the multiple steps that are necessary to find a resolution prior to getting the case into the court system. This includes an attempt for settlement negotiation and the mandatory filing of administrative charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Another reason is that if and when the case gets to court, the case is tried by a judge and not a jury. In many instances, the judge operates slowly.

The Employer and Attorney

Employers don’t like gender discrimination cases and will make it worse for the victim by trying to work with their employment lawyer to drag the case along – as far as possibly can. More significantly, the employer and its attorney will try to invade the privacy of the victim, keeping the spotlight on the victim instead of the wrongdoing within the workplace. The employer’s attorney will try to dig up the victim’s past and try to show that the victim is trying to wrongly incriminate the employer. The employer will possibly provide past records of the employee’s performance evaluation and if there are any behavior issues, that will be made the focus of the case.

Personal Injury Lawyer

With so many manufacturing and construction professions in Canada, it is no wonder that so many people are inquiring about personal injury representation. These jobs are known to carry many injuries for employees using heavy machinery and tools. They are prone to get injured on the job. People who work in offices are also prone to suffer unanticipated injuries as well. For that reason, worker’s compensation is essential to the employer and employee. In Ontario, those laws can be quite complex and that is why a personal lawyer is necessary. Ontario has restrictions on statutes of limitation for injured employees. With a personal injury lawyer to provide representation to employees, it will make the process easier and the employees will receive fair compensation.

The Impact of Workplace Injuries

While at work, employees can suffer from mild or severe injuries. Many of these injuries can be permanent or last for a long time. While the employee is out of work, a personal injury lawyer can work on their behalf to make sure that they don’t lose financial independence. Workplace injuries could leave you with financial challenges and emotional scars. In many cases, the employee is not allowed to file a lawsuit against the employer for workplace injuries. However, a personal injury lawyer can assist the employee with receiving entitled compensation from the WSIB, which is Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.  


If you find yourself faced with any work-related injury, it is best to speak to a personal lawyer to get the right information and representation. The same is true if you need representation for a workplace discrimination case.

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