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Tales Of Nightingale LynnIt’s been a busy and unforgettable few weeks with all that have been taking place in our world. We have a Catholic priest who was murdered by ISIS at the altar while saying Holy Mass, a few more officers who have lost their lives to the demented minds of those who wish to completely destroy the goodness of this country.

We had two conventions, the RNC, and the DNC. I have to admit that I was not glued to the TV, nor did I record at ALL any part of the DNC, and when I would check in at the end of the day to the regular cable programing I normally watched, I would find myself unable to even hear the voices of those who spoke.

When the female Sheriff came to the podium of the DNC to ask for silence in honor of those in blue who had lost their lives, the silence erupted in “Black Lives Matter”, and lots and lots of noise. “No Silence”. How inconsiderate; how selfish, how uncaring! Tears welled up in my eyes, not because I am a an emotional woman who loves beyond things that matter, but because my heart is so connected to the painfulness of this world, and the lack of respect and honor for our military and those who protect and serve in our cities and streets, seems to matter as nothing to a particular group.

jesus-weeping-341I am taking a leap here in saying what rests on my heart.

Our Country will die; our children will have to pick up the pieces. Our Founding Fathers will roll over in their graves, and what’s even scarier, is that Isis will not have been eradicated from this beautiful world that God so generously gave us.

How can we sit back and just say that a woman who has made history as being the first woman nominated for the highest office in the land be allowed to run our country, after the lies and the mishandling of our sensitive information that keeps our country safe. How does one get away with lying, and being deceitful? Even in our lowest position here in life, we have consequences for such.

Did you know that a baby’s heartbeat begins at 8 weeks? Do we kill anything that breathes and grows? We should not. When someone says I believe a woman has a right to decide what to do with her body, meaning her baby, to abort or not, well, doesn’t a living life developing in the womb have life?

We will reap what we sow according to Scripture, and no I am not a Bible thumper, but I am a mom, a Catholic Christian a grandmother, who wants not only for the best for her children and grandchildren, but I want the best for every child I do not know. I want the best for the country I have known all my life as the United States of America.

I have no doubt that there will be another attack on this country before the general election. My intuition as a police officer when I worked the streets, that served me well, is just as strong to day as it was then. That is why I was able to go home every night to my daughter who I loved more than anything in this life. Now that has grown to my son, and my grandchildren, even though I am not able to hear from them, my love for them will never change. I want the best for them.

Please pray if you do, if you don’t please have good wishes, and if you don’t believe in someone who is greater than anything on this earth, that continues to protect us even in these darkest times, then just do what will be the right thing for our country.


Lynn Forrester-Pitocco
Lynn Forrester-Pitocco
LYNN is Retired from Law Enforcement as a Police Officer, with a background in nursing and previously a member of the Search and Rescue Team with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, A retired member of the Orange Police Department, she became the first female SWAT member on an elite team while becoming a member of the Olympic Shooting Team during the early years on the department. A mother and a grandmother, a devout Catholic who currently resides in Houston, Texas. Her hobbies include writing, painting, and a contemplative prayer life. She is in love with her faith, but the love she carries for her two grown children and grandchildren who rest in her heart surpasses everything except her faith in God. Since retirement, Lynn has done private investigation, worked as a gang counselor with middle schools, A member of Bl. Mother Teresa’s Order called the (Lay Missionaries of Charity), she is also a pro-life advocate, often called upon to give testimony and speak to youth groups, as well as adult forums. She has published a children’s book entitled “The Children’s Garden” and is currently working on two additional children’s books. She is currently working on the major one focused on her experience in Law Enforcement entitled “Heels and a Badge”. (copyright). Her paintings and sketches, writings, can be viewed on her Pinterest boards (click on the Pinterest ICON below). Her dream is to one-day write a movie for Hallmark. Dreams do come true … See Lynn’s entire collection of thought-provoking Articles by clicking on her byline. Lynn is a contributing author to the inspiring book Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change.

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  1. Lynn, you have articulated so well, things I would like to say but couldn’t seem to express in a way that you did so well. Anyone who doesn’t believe we reap what we sow has a warped view of scientific proof that that does indeed happen. Someone wiser than me pointed out that when they began removing God from our culture, the darkness of this world began to fill the places where light used to be. I like that you mentioned the beating heart of an unborn baby at 8 weeks. I boil when someone says that women should be allowed to say what happens to their bodies. Women should be in control of their bodies. Well yes, they should. The time to make a decision and the time to be in control is before they have sex. There are so many birth control methods today. There is no excuse not to use one and NO is always an appropriate answer. The people making a big deal about the control over their bodies are no talking about rape or incest either. If anyone wants to argue that they are – I won’t take the bait. Sorry. There isn’t a platform big enough to support that debate.

  2. The failure, or refusal, to recognize those that have died as first responders is unconscionable. It is symptomatic of the lack of class and honor that our culture has developed with the current leadership.

    How very very sad.

    • Ken, your words speak volumes of truth, and the only word I would change in your comment is “leadership”, there is NONE! God Bless