Get Navy SEAL, or Real Accountability

Here’s an example: (It’s a shared purpose of a company I admire. I added a hypothetical issue.)

  • We have the belief statement, everyone deserves to be inspired (connected to a guiding value).

  • We have an aspiration: to build trusting relationships and deliver inspired results (guiding value lived).

  • The problem– unchecked urgency causes behaviors that lead to leaders/employees experiencing only task-related contexts and perceptions of failure or success with each other. This leads to dehumanizing a person to a role or task, paving the way for a fear-based culture, decreased innovation, increased conflict flashpoints as self-preservation displaces team-preservation. We end up making judgments about each other from a reactionary state and limited context.

  • The solution– establish lead measures for belonging, to practice and track in the real-time of business. Yes, you have to be genuine when doing these. Do any three of these per day- your people will feel more connected and accountable to each other:

  1. Smile at –they’ll give you a smile when you need it

  2. Be sorrowful with -they will give their shoulder in return

  3. Listen to -they will hear you and each other in return

  4. Give compassion – they will pay it forward to each other

  5. Have their backs –they will have yours, each other’s and your customers’

  6. Do what you say -they will repay you with accountability

  7. Show gratitude –they’ll give you grace and thanks when you need it

Using these as lead measures has a twofold impact, one, in a neuro-mirroring aspect, like brain centers are activated between us when we experience any of these from each other, and two, when we actualize (feel, realize and internalize) this transforms into a positive emotional influence within us. This creates togetherness even though we may be in a struggle towards achieving a work goal. When you’re in belonging, you can be in a very high state of happiness even during a really tough struggle. Guess what, happy and fulfilled people have way higher productivity.

Expected change from the lead measure, the Lag measures, Employee NPS :

  1. Your employees will feel like they belong

  2. Employees (think of them as leaders in training) feel more valued as whole people and thus are inspired to go the extra mile, encourage and help each other to do so

  3. Employees are more likely to ask for the help they need, as they need it versus getting trouble for failing later

  4. Leaders (managers) handle work relational difficulties with higher empathy or humanness and take compassionate action to get employee into a better space

  5. Leaders have better perception into employees’ lives for what will be an easier pathway to inspire them or get them what they need

  6. Individual accountability for each other will go up

  7. Production goes up with fewer errors

  8. Employee turnover rates drop

Each value or aspiration that you have, has a set of behaviors that will manifest it throughout your organization, to the delight or dismay of your people, and likewise, ultimately to your customers.

For each, it’s wash, rinse repeat like the above- set up a coaching and mentoring program to scale it throughout your organization. Note, just like the Navy SEALs, you can’t force people into this. You can however evangelize it, invite them to be in a place of such enviable service and performance and value. Then it’s coach, motivate, grow and train them. Recognize and reward them for these behaviors and their outcomes. It’s inspiration and influence versus command-and-control (II vs CC). You’ll find rather quickly when people aren’t in belonging. At that point, do the good thing and help them find a place where they do belong. That very well may not be at your company.

The Mission Debrief:

  • You can have Navy SEAL like belonging and accountability in your organization.

  • Clearly define your team-first belonging values/ethos and live them without compromise. Your Team OS requires it.

  • Invite your people into living those values giving them coaching and time to master them. It’s how you build the neurochemistry and patterns to do better and better.

  • Practice those clearly defined behaviors in accordance with those values. (Remember, you’re defining what the behavior emotionally looks and feels like)

  • Track and measure both your lead and lag behavioral measures for belonging

  • In doing so you and your people will keep your Team OS at optimal levels and generate deep accountability towards each other, and with the excellent emotional and technical abilities to handle whatever unforeseen things will come their way

Thanks for reading this. I hope you found it helpful.

Peace, Paul


Paul Haury
Paul Haury
Belonging Coach & Evangelist for Heart-Based Leadership in Workplace Culture & Happiness. I’m a coach, a mentor, an optimist that nerds-out on all things in the social-behavioral and neurosciences for what motivates us in how we can be better, and, get us to with whom and where we belong. The paths that get us there follow roads of vulnerable togetherness, kind and honest challenges in personal accountability, and a deep curious appreciation for being wholly human in full potential. It’s here, where we land on the good side of our fears and aspirations, and make our dreams happen. We’ll never do anything as well, as when we’re doing what we’re doing with and for those we love. I help people create their own unique spaces to go farther and higher in their individual brilliance than they ever could alone.

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