–A Special Series of Distraction Stories

Written during the Corona Virus Pandemic with the hope of bringing a smile to someone’s face – or at least provide a short distraction during these challenging times. Stories are created based on one-word prompts that were submitted by friends. Each friend is assigned a character name and I develop a short fictitious story that integrates and upholds the word.

Sophia Mueller: Future

Sophia sighed as she closed the door behind her and slid off her shoes. Soaked from the rain, Sophia’s once straight hair was beginning to show its natural wave, and her wet feet with Pizzazz Pink toes were aching from the long walk home from the train station. Sophia hadn’t checked the weather before she left, which looking back, realized wasn’t her best move, especially considering where she was going. Thankfully, the weather didn’t erupt until she was midway home – and by then, what difference did it make. She had done the most important thing of the day, perhaps even her life.

“Sophia, love, is that you?” Sophia heard her best friend’s voice bellowing from the kitchen. Sophia let out another sigh, but this time from relief. She was tired of coming home to an empty house and was thankful that Fiona had decided to visit when she did. Her timing was impeccable. Still, Sophia hesitated for a moment before answering her.

“Hey, Fiona! I’ll be right there. I got caught in the storm, so I’m just drying off before trekking through the house.” But really, Sophia was trying to buy a few seconds before seeing Fiona. They knew everything about one another, but there was one thing Fiona didn’t know yet because even Sophia was unsure of her future until now.

Sophia checked herself in the foyer mirror and took a deep breath. She honestly didn’t care that her mascara had smeared or that her hair was a mess – or that her shirt was wet and clinging to her pale skin. Sophia looked in the mirror to remind herself about the person who, about three hours ago, threw caution to the wind. The Sophia Mueller looking back at her was who she’d always been, no worse for the wear, but forgiving of her past, accepting of her present, and excited for her future.

Momentarily lost in thought, Sophia jumped – jarred by the sound of Fiona’s voice, who was suddenly standing right next to her.

“Sophia Elizabeth Mueller, what have you been doing today?” Fiona asked while handing Sophia a bottle of her favorite beer. Although Fiona had a good idea already, she wore her game face, which surprisingly went undetected by Sophia.

“Oh, Fiona. It’s so wonderful to see you! Thanks so much for coming.” Sophia hugged Fiona fiercely. It never mattered if it had been days or months since they’d seen each other, they hugged each other every time.

“You’re welcome, my friend—anything for you. But you haven’t answered my question, Sophia. Is this the artful dodge of conversation? Did you do something you weren’t supposed to do? Like when we were at camp that summer, and you avoided the question like the plague because you didn’t want to fess up to taking the canoe out at night with Jack Tucker?”

“Very funny, Fiona. None of the above. Sorry to disappoint you. Although that was a fun night.” Sophia said with sarcasm coating her words, and an impish smile remembering Jack Tucker. “But I do have something to tell you – and show you. I promise you that it will all make sense in a minute.”

Fiona watched as Sophia grabbed her messenger bag from the table and pulled out an envelope. Fiona couldn’t help but wonder as Sophia walked back toward her with a smile so wide it went on for days. She hadn’t seen that smile on Sophia’s face in a long time. It all but confirmed what Fiona suspected.

“Here, Fiona. See for yourself.” Sophia was trying to contain her excitement as she handed the envelope to Fiona.

Fiona set down her beer, and gently took the envelope from Sophia’s shaking hand, and as she stared at it, memories came flooding back from when they were twelve.

“Oh, wow. Holy shit! Is this what I think it is, Sophia?”

Sophia only smiled that big beautiful smile that was bright enough to light up the night – and then she nodded.

Fiona’s excitement exploded, and she jumped up and down, causing Sophia to burst out into laughter and tears. Both women hugged each other so tight they almost couldn’t breathe.

Then, in true friendship style, Fiona yelled “a toast!” and began…

“To you, my dearest friend Sophia. I am so proud of you. I love you. You joked about this day when we were kids and didn’t think it would ever happen. Well, you proved yourself wrong, and I won the bet. Cheers to you, Sophia!”

With tears in their eyes and their heads now resting on each other, Sophia and Fiona clinked their beer bottles and smiled. 


Laura Mikolaitis
Laura Mikolaitis
Laura credits her writing, which laid dormant for years, to her late mom, who always believed in her. Writing unabashedly from the heart and inspired by millions of moments, three tenets of evergreen advice that her mom always shared with her are her guiding principles. Whether it is poetry, fiction, or a personal essay, her love for the written word feeds her mind, body, and spirit. Laura’s creativity also comes to life in her passion for photography. Her ongoing love affair with the moon, her joy for family and friends, her connection to nature, and being a loving canine mom often become some of her best subjects. Laura has held many roles throughout her professional career, including Brand Manager, Project Manager, and Director of Global Business Development and Sales Operations. In addition, she has a background in consumer-packaged goods, manufacturing, and textiles. Laura currently works in biotechnology for Berkshire Corporation as their Product Marketing Manager. She holds a Master of Science degree in Communications and Information Management from Bay Path University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from SUNY Oswego. Originally from Northern NY, Laura resides with her husband and canine child in a small town in Massachusetts that captured her heart years ago.

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  1. Laura: AGAIN, I cried all my tears publicly, and the girl sitting next to me in the coworking space felt compelled to check whether everything was alright! 😅🙈😅

    And, again, thank you so much for how easily you maKe my heart dance! 💙🤗💙

    What a talented storyteller you are my friend! 👏👏👏

  2. Hopefully we can say soon that the worst is over. But much will depend on people’s sense of responsibility.
    We must also believe in a slightly different, better, more aware future, governed by common sense and the commitment of all for greater equity of life for all.
    Nice story Laura.

    • Thanks, Aldo.

      I agree. I hope the worst is over sooner rather than later. But, we have a long way to go even though we are making strides. I’m hopeful, however, that we will continue to respect, listen, and learn.

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