From Fans To Producers: Tech That All Music Lovers Should Be Using

Technology is an incredible thing, especially for music lovers. Those who are passionate about music now have more ways than ever to listen to their top tracks and discover new favorites. Not only that, but there are tools for creating, editing, and sharing. Aspiring artists or producers can kickstart their career using computer software and internet services. Whether you like to create music or listen to it, here are some things you should be taking advantage of.


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The way we listen to music has changed. HiFi systems aren’t as popular as they used to be. But this is because we have plenty of innovative new options. Most people choose to listen to music on their computer, smartphone or tablet.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get some gear to enjoy the experience more. Things like high-quality headsets and speakers can boost out your favorite tunes from whichever device you use.

But don’t let that stop you from getting old school if you want. Vinyl music is making a comeback, as many people like the sound of an old record player and having a collection of discs.


Streaming services are becoming increasingly popular for avid music listeners. Software and apps like Spotify and Apple Music let you find new music and listen to it instantly. It’s a great way to discover new artists based on your tastes or jam to old favorites.

It isn’t just music you can stream online, either. YouTube has plenty of music videos and recordings of gigs to watch. Some festivals and venues are even starting to live stream shows on YouTube so that you can get your audiovisual fix.


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The days of keeping stacks of CDs and cassette tapes are long gone. People now prefer to have their music stored digitally. You probably have plenty of music on MP3 players, USB sticks, and your computer, but wouldn’t you rather have it all in one place?

Cloud storage is a must-have for music lovers. You can keep all your files in one account and access them from any device. You should read reviews of the top cloud storage options for music and start transferring your entire collection.

A free 5GB account can store around 1000 songs, but you can get much more space. You can also use it to store things like podcasts, videos, and any other data you want. You can transfer your files to multiple devices so you can listen even when you don’t have an internet connection.


Ever heard a song while streaming but forgot the name the next day? Ever wondered what your most-listened track was last summer? Want to keep track of every track you listen to? Music archiving websites are the answer.

There are a few of these out there, but Last.fm is by far the most popular and functional. It can track your listens from your smartphone, computer, and browser using a handy app. Spotify and other music services even let you put your account details in to send your listening info directly.

Last.fm also gives you recommendations and informs you of upcoming album releases and live shows. It’s a fantastic multi-tool for music enthusiasts.


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For those who like to create and edit music, many pieces of software are available to you. Audacity is a free sound editing program, but it’s also very basic. Those who have aspirations of music production, or just want to have some extra fun, should use paid audio editing software.

For aspiring electronic artists, you may want to buy some studio production software. Famous electronic artists such as Avicii and Basshunter started making music in their bedroom with FL Studio. Software like this is also used in the production of hip-hop beats and other music.


If you like to create or edit music, you’ll also want to share your music with the world. Various websites let you do this, and it can even help you develop a career. Many artists used SoundCloud to get discovered or further their career. Beat producers on SoundCloud often get paid by people who want to use their work.

You could also create a successful YouTube channel to kickstart a music career. Cultivating a fan base can get you noticed by people in the industry. Whether you want to make videos of your band or record your own acoustic covers, YouTube can help you build a following.

You can also create playlists to share with friends and fellow music lovers. You can do this through YouTube, Last.fm, Spotify and other services.

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