From Black Sheep to The Chosen One

Being a black sheep presents a unique opportunity to draw upon the power and authority given, to you to access a supernatural endowment to be emotionally free.

If you can call in all of who you are, into the discovery, recovery, and soul healing process, you can harness and shift your beautiful gifts of; intuition, empathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, towards establishing an empowered fertile healing ground.

Doing so will set the stage to be used to explore your life, in a manner that will have successfully created a strong force of allies to rely upon throughout soul reconciliation and for the rest of your life.

These gifts have been your modus operandi, you have instinctively used them to be a few steps ahead of the crazy and have relied upon them as an unconscious compass to live out your life. Now you must learn to call upon these gifts deliberately, to consciously partner to; arrive at deeper self-awareness about your emotional framework, use them to examine how you emote, and to reveal to you revelations surrounding the role pain has played.

It is time to cast the black sheep soul shadow, and step into the role of the chosen one and answer the call of the stirring of the soul.

Turning our soul wounds into sacred revelations is the altruistic antidote that lies at the core of my Native American ancestor’s ancient practices in self-guided soul healing. We believe that we are spirits sent here on earth to fulfill a covenant made with the Great Spirit before we were born.

Living in the earthly realm, you have become distracted, forgotten the soul contract, and are now spiritually and psychically off course. We believe that we hold the power, to spiritually regenerate our souls.

We know that there is a soul contract, and that it has been etched upon our soul, and that Great Spirit has already poured into our spirit, everything we need to course-correct and restore us to remembering the essence of our true soul being.

Deciding to partner with yourself to heal and honor emotional pain, is an ancient indigenous practice.

One literally makes a commitment daily for inner transparency and mindset consciousness, by giving themselves full permission to use all that they know about their life, coping defenses, and their family’s code of conduct to arrive at increased soul awareness.

What are Soul wounds?

Soul wounds are a direct result of lingering energy that has taken up residence within our souls for an extended period of time, due to failure to acknowledge pain or trauma in our lives that over time has been left unresolved.

Sacred revelations become our spiritual conduits, serving as the bridge to give new meaning to our soul’s wounds and our former painful perceptions, interactions and experiences using the spiritual lens of objectivity.

The moment we decide to surrender our former narratives about the pain; the things we have told ourselves over the years about these experiences, and what we envision healing will expose us to, we can then open ourselves up, to an organic natural unfolding of spiritual soul guidance, that will manifest and produce to us all of the threads tied to exposing all of the ways we have learned to respond to pain.

The practice of exploring our soul wounds, in search of sacred revelations, affords us overtime the opportunities to, without shame, blame or judgement become students of our lives.

Our entire life becomes a proving ground, to see things differently.

Therefore, instead of working for the pain by carrying it, we partner with it, by honoring ourselves and our beautiful gifts to lead us to the answers to our deepest “why” questions.

We use these tenets as our probing questions to allow us to continually grow into higher consciousness:

How did we learn to respond to emotional pain and trauma?

Who were our teachers?

What did they teach us?

Once you move away from the shadowed mindset of the black sheep, you will want to prepare for the next lag into the soul, by extending an invitation to your divine support team; consisting of your spirit guides, angels, ancestor’s and the holy spirit, who all have been waiting to shine their light so that you may begin to see more clearly.

To discover more enlightenment for your healing journey, look out for my next blog entitled: Soul Wounds and Sacred Revelations: The Invitation.

All this time, you thought you were different, you were right!

Seek the promise inside you.

Deneen Joyner
Deneen Joyner
Deneen Joyner is a Soul Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Storyteller, whose soul mission is to guide others, on how to follow the footprints left by their ancestors, to uncover the spiritual inheritance tied to their pain, gifts and destiny, so they may heal and fulfill their holy assignment. As a seventh-generation shaman and heiress to her ancestor’s ancient indigenous practices in self-guided soul healing, Deneen offers a unique approach to how people can partner with themselves and their pain to clear their souls. Deneen offers insightful guidance surrounding the intergenerational DNA behind family karma and emotional pain, which she gained as an 18-year professional in social work. She offers soul readings through private coaching, as well as with live audiences and radio interviews. Deneen is an award-winning national author of Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations: A Warrior Daughter's Awakening to Pain and Destiny. In it, she examines the DNA surrounding emotional pain and provides a blueprint for uncovering the lessons that are sent into our lives for the purpose of healing, evolution, and mastering pain. She delves into the role our ancestors and family play in allowing us to know ourselves, including how our divine assignments are intrinsically tied to yet-unfulfilled soul contracts that can span several lifetimes.

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