From A to Z –Words Matter

Our words can lift people up or bring them to their knees.

They matter.

The words we speak, the words we hear, and even the words we see – all illicit a response in our brain’s neural networks.

They can trigger distrust and fear or create feelings of trust, warmth, and safety. In fact, researchers using functional magnetic resonance imagery (fMRI) have demonstrated that painful words alone can activate our pain matrix.

We literally can “feel” the pain of words. So the words we use, like sticks and stones CAN hurt us.

Appreciate more. Attack less.
Affirm more. Assume less.

Be Brave, not so … brusque.

Choose to be caring instead of controlling.

Daring not demeaning.
Empathic not egotistical.
Friendly not fiendish.
Gracious not greedy.
Helpful not hurtful.
Insightful not incendiary.
Joyful not judge-full.

Learn to be more loving and less litigious.

More magnanimous and less militant.

More nurturing, open, and positive.
Less narcissistic, oppositional, and pessimistic.

By all means query and question … but do we really need to be so quick to quarrel?

Remember the reward in being receptive and reflective, rather than resistant.

Sincerity will always supplant sarcasm.

Trust and tenderness trumps thoughtlessness.

Uncover more avenues for unconditional understanding.
Usurp those uncompromising ultimatums.

Wildly welcome in a warm sense of wonder.

Exemplify being extraordinarily xenial.

Say yes to the young-at-heart and zip along with the zestful.

Our words matter because people matter.

In a world that is hurting, let’s more consciously choose words that can heal.

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Nicola Lipscombe
Nicola Lipscombehttps://www.nicolalipscombe.com/
Nicola Lipscombe is a book lover, a Tree Sister, a poet, a story catcher, a photographer, and a mindfulness practitioner who adores nature, street art, and her collection of (op shop) denim jackets. She also happens to be a global professional speaker, facilitator, and coach who bridges western science with eastern philosophy and ancient wisdom practices. She is the Creator of HeartWise™ Leadership, Powerful Listening, Powerful Speaking and Friday’s Mindful Moments and is the Co-Creator of #SOULWALKING. She works with leaders and human change-makers to authentically and powerfully transform themselves from the inside out. She has been featured in Inspiring Workplaces (UK), TNT Explode The Status Quo, The Happiness Project (India), and on Side Walk Talk (US). Constantly learning she has degrees in Pharmacy, Higher Education, a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, and a growing collection of certifications including Neurolinguistic Programming, DISC® Advanced, Management Practices, Resilience, Coaching, Hear With Heart, and The Art of (Feminine) Presence. A former pharmacist and academic her quest is now one of AWAKENING, CONNECTION, and BELONGING. An introvert by nature she seeks deeply meaningful conversations. If you want to talk to her about spirituality, consciousness, meaning, mattering, and belonging she is all ears (and heart). If you want to talk about your latest gizmo, 3 Steps to Guaranteed Wealth or mention the word ‘pivoting’ … she is not interested … really!