Freedom Isn’t Free

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Freedom Isn’t Free and if you take the time to listen to this powerful message given by President Ronald Reagan during his first Inaugural Address on January 20, 1981 I hope it’ll remind you of that.

“This weekend I am going to do something different. I am going to buy some carnations each day and go to one of the nearby cemeteries and walk through the sections for soldiers. When I find a grave that has no flowers, I’ll leave one and say a prayer for the family of that person, who for some reason could not bring their soldier flowers. I will pray for our country and all who serve or have served. For their families, who also serve by losing precious days, weeks and months spent with their loved ones who are off serving, preserving peace and the freedom we have in this country. I’ll pray for the families who paid the ultimate price, who’s loved ones died, or were taken captive and never returned. I’ll pray for anyone who may still be held in captivity and thinks perhaps they are forgotten. I do NOT forget.”

-Sylvia Mohr


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  1. Dennis, I love this, the military world, realm has always been a big part of my life and outlook on what I do because I appreciate what Freedom we have, restricted in a lot of ways unfortunately. I developed tears in reading this not because I am a sap, but because I see some so precious slipping away….Thank you, it was very touching. God Bless our men and women in uniform who are and have given it their all!

  2. Freedom has never been free. Look at the prices paid by the founders of our country. Hounded, bankrupted, imprisoned, and worse. That doesn’t even count those that died on the battle fields or in prisons, or that were maimed, frozen, or starved.

    The price for our continued rights and freedoms have continued to the present day. It saddens me to see what our current elected officials (and some running for office) have done to our freedom. The culture they are instilling will eventually trash our freedom unless we wake up and stop the decline.

    Whether one believes in the Christian God or not, a society must have a moral anchor and the Christian/Judo religions have always been such for our country. Now that is being removed from our schools, government buildings, parks and even money. To be replace by what? Political correctness provides no moral anchor.

    I’m less generous than you, Jane.

    • Ken, I agree with you 100%. The light of the world is being peeled away revealing only the darkness beneath.

      I’m not sure I was being generous so much as I was being sensitive to friends who have lost sons to war and they never stop hurting.

  3. This message touches my heart. I hope it does yours too. Memorial day is a sad holiday unless we look at it as a celebration of life that we have today because of so many who lost their lives so we could have freedoms we still have. I’m not going to tag anyone or add anything else. Just know that my prayers are for special blessings, comfort, and peace for your hearts as you honor God and the memories of loved ones who gave everything because they believed in and loved their country. God bless America.

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