Freedom Is Not A Pass To Be Disrespectful

It’s two hundred forty-two years since the American Revolution ended and began the greatest government experiment in history. Our political landscape is no calmer today than it was in the beginning or through the decades since its beginning. Our nation’s political partisanship seems to be the one consistent thing to maintaining our government. One should fear too much agreement over the peaceful diplomatic disagreements.

It seems that many have blended protest with disrespect then claim that freedom gives them the right to do both. If one has the freedom, they, in fact, have the freedom to protest.

It seems that many have blended protest with disrespect then claim that freedom gives them the right to do both. If one has the freedom, they, in fact, have the freedom to protest. However, if one has self- respect, they understand the difference between protest and disrespect. The cost of freedom is always the blood and lives of dedicated soldiers who can’t imagine the cost to society of Freedoms alternative.

We are getting distracted from the argument of disrespect when we attempt to align a disrespectful act with a right to freedom. Yes, one is free to be disrespectful. However, when one elects to be disrespectful, it’s not about freedom it is about them being disrespectful. Our soldiers fought, and still fight and die for the freedom of the repressed, but none of our soldiers fought and died yesterday or, today for others to hijack freedoms purpose in-order to be disrespectful.

“Freedom is a Pass to Protest it’s not a Pass to be Disrespectful in the name of Protest.”

R.J. Stasieczko

Ray Stasieczko
Ray Stasieczkohttps://www.linkedin.com/in/raystasieczko/
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  1. I love this article. Our country is the only country in which we are innocent until proven guilty and freedom of speech and to protest is respected. I know this because I was an American who grew up in Europe where protesters were gunned down and freedom of speech got them thrown in jail. What the American protester seems to have forgotten, along with their manners, is that freedom of speech is about speaking- not touching, bullying, throwing objects, pushing, setting fires, stealing, or wearing masks to anonymously beat-up those who do not agree with their “esteemed insights.” It is not against the law to protest as long as the protesters are not breaking the law. That fact needs to be enforced.