Fragile Drip of Time 

No one prepared me for the Fragile Drip of Time, or perhaps my ears were closed, my heart was shut, my mind was busy, my legs were moving, the days were pounding, and I was living on a treadmill of the grind.

Today is here and now, as I look back through the veil; I see days and days with numbers, where I missed the final bell.

I didn’t take that moment when I should have called a friend. I didn’t hug a loved one as I passed the great descend. I didn’t do my best as I forged ahead with life. I let time remove the allies as I lived the final beat.

Now I sit in wonder of the plans that I have left; does any of it matter on this planet east or west? Will words that tumble out soon pass to graves forgotten? Sheets of paper tossed to the wind; as seeds now rotten.

I leave content in knowing that I shared my gift with you; no matter of the clock telling time that it is through. No longer do I question; was it better here or there? The bridge I cross to Destiny may lead me anywhere.

So dash away the distance as I dance on muddy shores. Wind upon my cape tells me, yes, to one day more. Live I will the best to my ability. This is my bequest to this reality.


Cindy J. Buechler
Cindy J. Buechler
My Poetry, Photography, and Journals hold treasure from grade school to high school to adult school, which I'm still attending ... just waiting for the final grade. Each layer of life reveals a new truth and with age, it becomes apparent that time is my greatest rival. My hope is to reflect with words and pictures that offer comfort, insight, and wisdom for a life well-lived with peace and tranquility in the end.

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    • Larry, wow, my friend. I couldn’t ask for more. There’s something to be said about the quiet. Perhaps that is how I was able to string these words together. Three AM is a very quiet time. Thank you my friend, for always being there.

    • Joel, thank you my friend. I always appreciate your kindness! I pray for you to stay safe and healthy also.

  1. Thank you for sharing your “wake up” call to what may be important and valuable about being alive. There’s much we may have been focused on that wasn’t all that important. There’s much we may have taken for granted about our lives, what other people actually mean to us. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability, Cindy.

    • Laura, your positive words of reinforcement mean so much. Yes, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Oh, and the lessons I have learned throughout life! My poetry has become my teacher, through past reflection. Thank you very much for your kindness!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts, Cindy. I can associate with the feelings you have. Even in the finality of this world, and my thoughts of ‘if I had only made one more gesture,’ I know there is an opportunity remaining. A world beyond the world. A friendship that knows no time. I take comfort in that. I am able to release the guilt eventually knowing a much larger scope remains for them, for us. I keep the dialogue ‘open’ if they ever need my help, or wish to offer some to me. You phrase your thoughts so profoundly.

    • Maria, thank you so much for your inspiration and sharing a bit of your truth as well. My, my how the age of regret can surely weigh us down; if allowed. We shall trudge ahead with fresh knowledge of how precious our time remaining is. Stay safe and healthy and well.

    • Myriam, thank you so much for your positive reinforcement – and to refer to it as a ‘masterpiece’ has made my day complete!