Four Tips for Selling Your Extra Items Online

When decluttering a room in your home you may find a lot of items you no longer want or need. Instead of throwing them away, consider selling wholesale online. If they are in good condition, there’s no reason why someone else couldn’t get some more use out of them. Of course, it would be nice to make some cash off items you no longer use. You can even checkout the best savings accounts to find one to hold all of the profits you make from your online selling endeavors! Discover four helpful tips for selling your unwanted items online.

Use Visual Words in Your Item’s Description

Most websites where you can sell your items require you to create a detailed description of each item. Most online shoppers go through dozens of descriptions so it’s important for yours to capture a shopper’s attention right away. Using visual words can help you to do that. If you’re selling a sweater, make a comparison to let shoppers know about its color. For instance, you could describe the sweater as emerald green or midnight blue. Or, if you’re selling an antique brooch you could describe it as the size of a woman’s pinkie finger. You want the shopper to be able to picture what you’re describing.

Display Plenty of Photos in the Ad

Including plenty of photos of your items is just as important as using visual language. Take photos that show an item from all angles. Be sure to include closeups and shots from a couple feet away. Choose the best photo to put right next to the name of the item to raise the chances a shopper will click on your description to learn more about what you have available.

Include Personal Tidbits in Your Description

Personal tidbits of information can help you to sell many types of items. For example, if you’re selling a bird cage you can mention that you raised two parakeets in this cage where they lived happily in your living room for many years. This little bit of information can prompt a bird owner who’s looking for a quality cage to imagine his or her own birds living there. This type of information also adds warmth to your description.

Price Items in a Reasonable Way

Think about how long you’ve had the item you want to sell. Is it in good or average condition? In other words, price your items in a reasonable way. For instance, if you’re selling a movie poster with a few creases in it and a small tear, factor those imperfections into the price you put on your poster. The goal is to be accurate in the description of your item while pricing it in a way that’s fair to you and the buyer.

Lastly, just because an item is unusual in some way doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to anyone who is shopping online. There may be a collector or enthusiast who has interest in an unusual item you find in your home. There is no harm in putting it up for sale online to see if there are any flickers of interest from the shoppers visiting the website.

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