Four Signs That You’re Hanging Around The Wrong People

There’s a lot of good people out there. They’ll be the ones cheering your from the sidelines but also being there for when you’ve perhaps lost your way or failed at something. They help pick you up so that they can take pride of place back at that sideline. But even though there’s lots of good people out there, there are a scattering of bad people that you should look out for. Here are four signs that you’re hanging around the wrong people.

They’re Changing Who You Are

Do you feel like you’re being changed? It’s easy to allow yourself to be moulded by other people, especially when you’re young. However, it’s also easy to lose yourself and who you are around people when you’re an adult too. It’s important to take a breath and look at yourself and who you are. Have you changed? Growth is part of life but it’s growth in a good way and not in a bad way that hinders your own happiness or that of anyone elses. If you find that a part of your personality has changed and not for the better, then it’s worth considering why that is. Perhaps there’s someone in your life that has shifted that personality change or perhaps played to a side of you that you don’t agree with.

Changing yourself is good for you and in a positive way but being changed by someone else and not in a positive way, is a bad thing.

You’re Getting Yourself In Trouble

Getting yourself in trouble as a teen might have been misbehaving in the classroom. Getting yourself in trouble in a serious manner could end up with much more extreme consequences than simply detention. If you find yourself getting into trouble and requiring fearless criminal defense attorneys, then you want to ask yourself if this is something you would have gotten yourself into on your own. If not, then who and what made this change?

Having a run-in with the law is never ok and therefore it’s important to remove yourself from people who could cut your life short.

They’re Not Always There For You

Do you have those friends that can of drift in and out of your existence? They might usually only hang around for the times where you’re happy and not around for the times where you need that emotional support. It’s important to have friends and family who are going to be there through the good and the bad, not just the good.

Cutting friendships or family ties might be necessary if they’re not supporting you as they should.

They Thrive On Negativity

Negativity is something some people will thrive on because they often feel a sense of entitlement or that the world is against them. In reality, life is hard for everyone and those who are thriving on your negative experiences or states aren’t good friends to have.

It’s always important to be wary of who you have around you. Use these tips to make sure you’re hanging out with the good ones.

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