Four Reasons To Consider Hiring Temp Workers For Your Small Business

Throughout the course of running your business, you’re likely to encounter moments where you’ll need all hands-on deck. Maybe your workload has increased substantially, or maybe the demand for your services has taken off after successful marketing at a local seminar. Either way, as a business owner, you have the option to hire temporary workers as needed. While there are risks to hiring temporary workers — like high turnover rates — there are also benefits in the long run.

Regardless of what services your company offers, there will always be times when extra hands are needed. That said, bringing in temp workers might be the right solution for you. They can fill gaps quickly, and most importantly, there is no long-term commitment involved. So, whether you’re a recent college graduate or a senior thinking about running your own company once you retire, here are four reasons to consider working with temp employees:

Adaptability: Perhaps the best thing about working with temp workers is their ability to adapt. Temporary employees provide employers with the chance to make financial changes in the workload by adding and subtracting support as needed without taking on full-time salaries. It also helps companies avoid making the hard decision of laying off people as well. Temp employees, along with temp agencies, allow small businesses to access specific talents that other in the industry might not possess internally.

When a company requests extra help during the holiday season, for extra support, or due to a change in production, a temporary employee can help. In fact, a temporary employee may also be the solution for a sudden departure of a valued employee. This would give your human resource department an opportunity to find a long-term solution without jeopardizing the flow of things.

Additionally, temp employees may also be a valuable resource for employers who dealing with long-term absences. This might include maternity leave, medical leaves, or military duty. Whatever the case, temp employees can of some assistance for your business and allow you to make smooth transitions without interfering with the company’s productivity.

Cost Effective: When an employer hires a permanent employee, they typically have to pay for things like health insurance, sick time, and vacation days. With temp workers, however, the employer isn’t responsible for covering these expenses — the staffing agency is. This can translate into the company saving hundreds — if not thousands — on a short-term basis.

Additionally, instead of business owners hiring employees and laying them off when the workload has slowed down, you can team up with local agencies to make the transition a lot easier. How? By letting the agency know how long you think you’ll need help and when they can end the employee’s assignment. As a result, the temporary employee will know when they’re no longer needed and can focus on finding another job — if they aren’t converted into a full-time employee.

It Allows You to Focus on Serious Matters: When you hire a temporary employee, they’re actually not your employee since they technically work for the staffing agency. That said, it then becomes to the responsibility of the recruiters who work for the agency to provide things like exams that test for language comprehension, screenings, payrolls, taxes, insurance, and workers compensations. By allowing agencies to complete these time-consuming tasks, the employers can focus on serious matters like budgeting, productivity, and service.

If this is done properly, mixing permanent employees with temporary ones shouldn’t cause any disruption in your business. Although temporary work isn’t always the answer, it’s important to understand when and why these workers can be important for your business. With that in mind, it’s key that you take all things into consideration to help you make the most effective decision for your company. If you think a temp position is right for your business, then consider partnering up with an agency that can help you find skilled, reliable, and qualified workers.

Validated Expertise: Whenever you hire someone new to the team, there’s always a chance that the person isn’t as qualified as they said they were during the initial interview. If you work with a staffing agency, however, the agency would likely have already validated the candidate’s credentials, which would increase your chances of finding the right kind of employee for the job. This could save you lots of time, money, and stress.

Of course, working with temp agencies also has its drawbacks as well. For one, you might discover that working with temp agencies is more expensive than just hiring candidates yourself when it comes to hourly and salary pay. This is especially true if you’re forced to pay the premium amount to go through temp agencies. Furthermore, because the jobs are always changing for temp workers, you might find that your temps aren’t taking the job as seriously as some of your permanent employees are.

On the other hand, hiring temp employees allows you to get all the manpower necessary without having to deal with health benefits and making a full-time commitment. That’s a big enough reason to consider working with an agency.


Thanks for the read! Did I miss anything super important? What might be some other reasons a company — or shouldn’t — work with a temp agency? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you.


Herman Davis
Herman Davis
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