For The Love Of Money

It seems no matter where it comes from some organization have problems saying no to money.

Just Write a Check…

Despite all the Latino families that have been victimized by the financial practices of Wells Fargo Bank (WFB), instead of leading by example and saying no; WFB continues to be prominently, listed as a conference or event sponsor of multiple Hispanic business organizations. I recently noticed WFB being featured as a sponsor for a leadership forum and that aspect of association seemed so ridiculous.

This company has come under fire for targeting Black and Hispanic customers with high-interest mortgage rates and fraudulent credit card applications; yet instead of declining them as a partner and securing new funding revenues, apparently, it’s much easier just to accept monies from controversial sources. This situation inspires one to change a line from the song Mrs. Robinson to “Ethics holds a place for those who pray, Hey hey hey, hey hey hey.

The argument often heard from executives that accept these monies “they can’t deprive funding to serve their constituency (usually cover their own salaries). With this mindset what’s next: Marlboro sponsoring health fairs; the NRA funding anti-gang education; Bubble Yum hosting dental outreach initiatives; etc. etc. etc.

Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and the 4th of July

Speaking of ridiculous funding sources in California we have a few communities that allow the sales of fireworks. Now we have suffered through considerable drought and record firestorms, yet the sale of fireworks is a prime funding source for youth and civic groups. Whenever the issue is presented to phase this venue out, elected officials (I was going to write leaders) fear the voter backlash, so every July 4th back to safe (?) and sane (more like insane) fireworks sales time.

In my last article “Fundraising 101” I share my perspective to seek valued partnerships for sponsorship support. Too often I have encountered solicitation to be rushed or without a strategic objective. Fortunately for those organizations, they’ve identified corporations that remain enticed to “cut a check” for the annual banner placement, full-page ad, and seat at the head table – what the heck, your company might receive a corporation of the year award (sadly, this happens on a regular basis).

Back to Ethics

Saying no can be painful, but once you sell your integrity, your reputation goes inside the clearance bin. Adherence to moral principles may subject one to a thinner wallet, yet doesn’t our future deserve better?


Al "Skip" Solorzano
SKIP is a recognized expert in the field of diversity with keen ability to build strategic alliances, and successfully expand supplier diversity initiatives. He has consulted with multiple client sectors including pharmaceutical, insurance, manufacturing, health care, telecommunications, utilities nonprofit organizations, business entities and employee groups. As a facilitator and learning consultant presents unique perspectives to develop solutions; and promote qualities to successfully work with others through diversity, team-building and leadership development. Solorzano has been featured as a presenter at conferences sponsored by such entities as: AT&T, The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Social Security Administration. A former Governor appointee and member of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials; Solorzano has been recognized by United Way as Most Influential Hispanics of the Bay Area; and a recipient of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Corporate Advocate of the Year award. Skip’s career endeavors as a corporate liaison, community leader and entrepreneur, provides the unique insight to write on an array of subject matter from learning processes; diversity; with a shared humorous perspective of life.

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  1. Giving greater importance to the ethical and social role of companies and their responsibility towards a broad category of subjects does not at all mean to put profit into the background, which is and remains the main objective of the company, but it only means to underline how the adoption of socially responsible behavior is today the necessary condition for obtaining a satisfactory economic result.
    To take care of the quality and safety of products, to promote cultural or philanthropic events, to worry about the working conditions of its employees, to adopt production standards aimed at reducing polluting emissions, to stimulate the recycling and disposal of toxic waste and, more generally, to open up in the dialogue with all possible interlocutors, it means for the company to acquire consent and social legitimacy, that is to lay the foundations of lasting success. There is therefore no contrast between ethics (and social responsibility) and profit: the first is to obtain the second.

    • I agree; and what I didn’t include in my article is there is such a thing as good and bad ethics; integrity either you have it or your don’t. Thanks for reading