Ten Steps to Freedom

  1. Get your big “buts” out of the way
  2. It’s as easy to take a leap of faith as it is a leap of doubt
  3. Happiness and clarity are soulmates
  4. Hope is not a strategy.  Mental fitness is.
  5. Live Free or Cry:  Break the binds that tie you
  6. Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect
  7. What is perfect is the choice to grow
  8. Turn all your relationships into “elationships”
  9. To wonder is a great hobby.  Turn it into a lifestyle
  10. Never ever give your power away

                  “Shift” happens!

Read now.  Enjoy Forever.  What better gift to give than happiness?

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Known throughout her career as the happiness expert, Nanci was raised in New York City and earned a B.S in Journalism and Communications at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The hotel business soon caught her attention and she caught theirs. As General Manager and Chief Happiness Officer for some of the most iconic hotels and resorts in the country, Nanci revolutionized the industry and consulted on leadership and motivation on three continents.Nanci Sherman raises the bar on happiness. Her personal quest has been "How do I live an extraordinary life?" Nanci studied with some of the greatest experts in the field of self-development andpersonal growth. She synthesized their teachings, expanded upon them, and translated this into her work success and life. You could say she is “terminally” happy and wants to pass that recipe for joy onto you. You will find her enthusiasm to be infectious, and her insights to be profound. Nanci may be found following her bliss, not her blisters, and living “happy” ever after.
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Larry Tyler

Nice I enjoyed.


I couldn’t be “happier.” Thank you, Larry.

Jane Anderson

Love this…..❤️

Especially 1 &2

Get your big “buts” out of the way
It’s as easy to take a leap of faith as it is a leap of doubt