Focus to Grow Your Own Grass

The current times are troublesome. We are having to bite the bullet with the pandemic here in the South Pacific at this very moment. I thought our little island bubble would not burst, but it eventually did. I suppose I was naive to think that we would be safe and almost untouchable.

It is when the Reality gets Real when the true measurements start.

Today, we are very much of a one-person away from catching this virus, so the game of preparation has changed very quickly.

I am really having to dig deep and “drink my own medicine “on what I wrote and spoke earlier in the year about Covid-19 Virus.

As we are now preparing for the second spread of the virus, I must remind myself of something. Looking too far in the future or thinking of probabilities that may or may not happen only bring unnecessary worry and fear. We must accept that the Uncertainty is the name of the game while going through this rough patch.

The best Anxiety, Stress, and worry tip I have an offer for the current times is simply this:

Focus on the elements and actions that are under your own DIRECT influence, not what is outside of your Reach.

I am very much aware that this is a lot easier said than done, yet I truly feel that it cannot be stated enough.

Keeping our Focus on what is directly in front of us at this present moment brings Clarity.

We can only control what we can, I believe the biggest stressors come from when we are trying to have influence over things that we do not have any influence on. At the end of the day, when you look deeper into it, our personal safety and health is on the line which will do either one of the two things.

The Fear will freeze you or kick you into gear and towards greater actions and Momentum.

One of the very reasons that the fear exists in the first place, is to mobilize us and for our mind to start finding solutions!

Stagnation breeds fear and worry whereas Movement creates Momentum away from the source of the fear. Remember, that you can only control what you can!

Keep your feet moving and Focus on watering the grass on your side of the fence.

Hope that helps? Share to whoever needs to hear this today!

Green Lights and Blue Skies.



Tuomo Vauhkonen
Tuomo Vauhkonen
Trainer, Speaker & Coach. Peak Performance and High achiever's Lifestyle advocate and a Change Agent! I Coach Performers and High Achievers to optimize their lifestyle. Offering improvements in the areas of Mental Clarity, Emotional Resiliency, and Physical Mastery by building empowering Habits. Many of us feel stuck in today's over-stimulated world. We need to take back the control of our own Mind, its Focus and to create Momentum towards a More Meaningful Life that is in Alignment with our Values and Beliefs.15+Years of traveling the world, living in 8 different countries (4 continents) experiencing different cultures, people and their habits has given me a deep understanding and perspective of human behavior. The four main pillars of my Coaching philosophy are Purpose, Clarity, Resiliency, and Mastery. Watch my TEDx talk; Why lifestyle matters more than happiness? Empower & Embrace your Journey,

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  1. Thank you, Tuomo, for the encouragement to focus on our own actions-on what we can control-which can only be ourselves… Sourcing our lives from our thoughts, feelings, energy presence, words and deeds continues to be all there ever is to do-shifting internal states, connecting with the part of us that watches us do us, life do life, other people, circumstances-we can better choose how we respond, how to shift from fear or out of “freeze state” into self-efficacy. Uncertainty has always been with us as well as the impermanence of life. What we create, how we respond -all within our control. As Viktor Frankl, the author and survivor of the Holocaust states this: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Thank you for the reminder! I wish you vibrant health and empowerment as you and all the people you love in your community navigate Covid19.

  2. Welcome Tuomo to this very inspiring platform with so many great people.
    Thank you for the share and so agree with you. Fear is truly living among-st us and even after so many months it is still here. But it is up to us to focus and keep moving forward step by step towards solutions.
    With precaution and presence of mind. Very good advice to keep watering the plants, I always forget that!
    Thank you.

  3. Welcome, Tuomo Vauhkonen, to this insightful and friendly group of writers!

    An apt article to reiterate the fact that we can only control what we can. “Keep your feet moving and focus on watering the grass on your side of the fence.” Well said, we must ensure that we are not consumed by what is happening around and focus on ourselves and the immediate community and help each other grow and see the path ahead.

  4. Great post, Tuomo! It is certainly easier to deal with fear factors until you are directly associated with the source, exposed or in some other way made more vulnerable. Fear becomes chronic and coping mechanisms are working to maintain it on a level that still allows people to function for their benefit.