Five uses for a clear span metal building

Clear span metal buildings are a cost-effective and space-efficient storage solution. With their weight supported by the walls and beams, removing the need for the intrusive supportive columns required in other types of barns, these buildings can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are five uses for a clear span metal building.

1.    Storing farm equipment and produce

Perhaps the first use for clear span metal buildings is as a barn for farms and ranches. They are large enough to store farm equipment such as tractors and combine harvesters, the the clear span truss eliminates eliminates the need for the intrusive supportive columns that take up so much space in other barns. As well as farm machinery, clear span metal buildings can be used to store organic produce, such as hay and grain for livestock, and crops.

2.   Vehicle storage

Clear span metal buildings provide enough storage space to house both large scale vehicles, and many vehicles. They are the perfect airplane hangar for an amateur pilot, garage for a classic car or motorbike enthusiast, and shipyard for the weekend sailor. As the U.S. government requires all

airplane hangars to be made of steel, you can be assured that your clear span metal building completely fits in with industry standards!

3.   Mechanical workshop

As well as storing vehicles, clear span metal buildings can be used as a garage from which to carry out any bodywork. They are a useful on-site addition for companies using heavy plants, such as those working in the construction and manufacturing industries. Clear span metal buildings provide an on-site workshop to work on plant, along with ready-made storage space for the materials needed for repairs and overhauls.

4.   Space for large scale gatherings

With their large floorspaces and roofs, clear span metal buildings provide good venues to host large gatherings. They are a popular, budget-friendly option for churches, as metal buildings specifically designed for churches are available pre-fabricated. The idea of a congregation coming together to buy and build their house of worship must also be an attraction for church members. Clear span metal buildings can also be used for sporting events, especially those involving animals such as rodeos and equestrian events. There is enough room for participants and spectators, the height of the building allowing for tiered seating, and the steel is easy to clean after the event.

5.   General storage

The accumulation of possessions seems to be a by-product of modern life. Despite the rise in popularity of minimalist lifestyles and the awareness of hoarding disorders, many people are understandably unwilling to get rid of items with sentimental value—the solid oak dining table and chairs might not be to your taste. Still, they were left to you in Grandma’s will, and you are not ready to let them go just yet. Then there are large, often expensive, items that are occasionally useful, for instance, jet washers. These items can all be stored in a clean and dry clear span metal building.

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