Finding it Difficult to Get Leads? Follow this Guide to Grow your Business

Leads and conversions are two of the key priorities for any business. Company success and development go together. Most company owners, in particular start-ups, start with salesmen who call and produce leads. It is an old and inefficient vision of building a company. Although good old phone calls do occur, the bulk of telemarketing is electronic.

Computers and tablets provide users access to information. If the selling department will not complement the calls via social media e-mails, and SEO contact, you cannot expand your company or leads any time soon.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is very critical to generate leads for any business. Most of the people know about it, but we will discuss it for our reader who doesn’t have any idea of SEO.

Users receive information and responses to their questions automatically with the simple connectivity to the Internet. The websites have the information consumers are searching for easily. There are also millions of pages on the web and they are not all visible in search engine result pages. Just the most important and trustworthy one surface of the SERPs. Most of the users rushed to access some details because they do not want to spend time reading useless website content.

This is the point where you start dealing with search engine optimization (SEO).

Google bots or crawlers’ searches and extracts data from all websites published on the Web after a user types search query in the search bar of Google. Crawlers search for keywords that suit the terms used in a user’s search query or similar to those used. In the search results shown to the user, the search engine robot uses an algorithm to rate those webpages.

Ranking is critical for search engine optimization. Each internet marketing company strives to attain the first ranking in search engines for its website.

Why is it important to get high rankings?

As we already discussed, people don’t that spare time to waste visiting each website to find their desired information. What happens is, people, put a query in the search bar of the search engine, click on the first, second, or third website appearing in the search engine result pages and go away after getting what they want.

Only by incorporating successful internet marketing for the SEO enhancement of your website can you gain one of the highest rankings on your website, thus increasing traffic, clients, and leads.

In addition to generating traffic, SEO draws quality leads for your products. It can be daunting to know where to start and what to do if search engine optimization is an unknown concept for you.

The following tips and techniques can be followed to increase the traffic to your site which will eventually boost your business revenue.

1.  First and foremost, keyword research

The implementation of keywords is an ideal starting point for an SEO campaign. You should use a realistic keyword tool such as Ahrefs or Keyword Planner to decide and market-specific keywords, keyword categories, and keyword phrases. These keywords are aimed and included in the content on your website.

Check for keywords that have a smaller search frequency but high monthly results when deciding which ones to try. Others with lower search volumes will not have the strategic ability to compete. It might be that you are inclined to pursue simple, short keywords and phrases but everyone else is also doing that.

Use long-tail keywords in your content. Long-tail keywords are those that have more than three words in them. For example, if you have a clothing shop and your specialty is jeans, you should use the keyword “blue denim jeans for men” or “black stretched jeans for ladies” instead of using “blue jeans.”

2.  List your company on Google My Business

For local businesses, Google My Business is a perfect place to be listed. The companies listed with Google My Business include the following details:

  • Website URL
  • Location on the map
  • Business hours
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Reviews
  • Contact number

GMB provides the client with guidance and the company’s goods and services overview. Another relevant place to incorporate keywords in the given business overview section. Use the phrases of local keywords such as “Blue jeans in Tower town” etc. Go as far as possible to create positive feedback.

Reviews are an important way to determine whether someone wants to do business with the company because today, the clients can make further business purchases electronically without engaging with the organization. Internet customers ordering a product first read the business ratings.

3.  Meta descriptions

The one or two-line text that appears below the clickable web page heading is the Meta Description of the web page. It includes a concise overview of the function of that particular website. There must be simple and succinct Meta descriptions. These are also the best locations to incorporate such keywords. Let one of the questions of the users be your response in your Meta description.

4.  Mobile-friendly website

Do you prefer browsing using a laptop or your mobile phone? Stats says that 60% of searches are made using smartphones. What if a visitor visit your site and it is scattered all over his/her mobile screen making it difficult to interact with the web page. We all have experienced such kind of sites. But, how many of us go back to those sites? Probably no one.

This could be the same case with your website. Sites that are not mobile-friendly, do not enjoy good rankings in search engine result pages. Search engines like Google do not like frustrated web users, and as smartphone friendliness is a big factor of ranking, it is a major factor in their search ranking algorithms today.

By having a mobile-friendly website, you not only appease search engines but also give your guests a pleasant experience with the search results ranking. You can use Google mobile-friendly test tool to check if your site is mobile responsive.

5.  Guest posting

You write a blog and publish it on some other website to do guest posting. This is a perfect way to deliver more information and traffic to your website. The prestige and popularity on your own domain can be improved if your blog post is published on a credible website within your industry. Search engines will reward your website with a higher ranking search result. You can post your blog on some other website by asking them via e-mail. Some websites charge for space they give you to post your blogs and some are free for guest posting. You can even exchange guest posts by allowing someone to post on your website in return for posting your blog on their website.

6.  Optimize images

If the images on your website are high definition, then your website will take much longer to load because of the images. Computers are the search engines that read text and numbers only. An ALT tag is used to allow anyone to ‘see’ the website images, even search engines. You can write a description of the image in these tags and also include keywords.

The use of keywords in the ALT description is a smart practice. Search engines recognize the images by reading the ALT image tags. It is critical to optimize the images for search engines so that they can rank your content accordingly.

7.  Content is king

It’s fantastic to have keywords in Meta descriptions, images, headings, URLs, and title. A blog on which new and insightful material is written daily is the ideal place to introduce keywords. Search engines often look for new, fresh content and deliver valuable information to consumers. Blog posts provide important, insightful, and useful material to users and even locations where links and keywords can be applied.

Regularly posting blogs remind search engines and readers that you are a trustworthy and reliable knowledge source which improves the search results of your website. Your posts should be published in such a manner that there should be no grammatical mistakes. Use a grammar checker to remover grammar and spelling mistakes from your content.

Don’t post copied material as it would be considered as plagiarized content by search engines. Use a free plagiarism checker to publish plagiarism-free content.

Only add appropriate links from other reputable blogs to your blog posts. Do not use similar keywords frequently and ensure that you have completely original material in your blog.

8.  Boost the loading speed of your website

Visitors want to find what they are looking for instantly. You won’t sit there waiting for one or two minutes to launch a page, right? Rather, you will move to another platform leaving the slow loading site. The loading speed of your website is a great factor in ranking your website.  To boost the website loading performance:

  • Use a good hosting company
  • Compress heavy images and videos
  • Uninstall extra plug-ins
  • Allow caching
  • Remove redundant scripts


SEOs will greatly extend and direct your business if you implement it properly. The search engine result page ranking could take time to improve. It is also necessary to continuously monitor and update the SEO strategies on your website because search engines update their ranking algorithms regularly. While the simple search engine optimization techniques are a strong base and easy to execute, keeping it can be a challenge.

You can hire SEO experts or SEO service providers if you don’t have time to do it or are not comfortable doing it by yourself. There are plenty of SEO tools available on the internet to facilitate your search engine optimization strategies. So, don’t wait, start search engine optimization today to get the outcome in the near future.

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