Extricating Yourself from an Untenable Job Situation

While it’s true that very few people genuinely enjoy what they do for a living, no one should be stuck in a job that brings them nothing but stress, anxiety, and all-around misery. Unfortunately, since we live in a society that seemingly values work above all else, people often feel compelled to remain in professional situations that have become downright untenable. Although extricating oneself from such a situation isn’t always easy, it’s far from impossible. Anyone looking for tips on how to break free of a soul-crushing nine-to-five should consider the following measures.

Vocalize Certain Issues 

If you’re the victim of workplace abuse or unfair treatment, you shouldn’t feel obligated to suffer in silence. If certain people or behaviors have turned your work experience into an absolute nightmare, you should vocalize these feelings to the relevant parties – i.e., a boss or H.R. director. Should these individuals prove unreceptive, it may be necessary to speak with an attorney. After all, if an employer refuses to address toxic working conditions, taking legal action may compel them to do so. 

Speak with a Therapist 

Having no one to talk to about job stress can be a crushingly lonely experience. While giving voice to certain frustrations can certainly prove cathartic, you’re liable to get more out of this if another party is present. Even if you have a fairly solid support network of friends and family members, a good therapist can provide you with a uniquely sympathetic ear and invaluable advice for overcoming your professional obstacles.   

If financial concerns have thus far prevented you from pursuing mental health treatment, don’t allow this to hold you back any longer. While it’s true that some therapists can be pricey, many of them offer their services on a sliding scale. Furthermore, some community clinics provide therapy and counseling free of charge. 

Additionally, if time constraints have been a detriment to seeking therapy, this needn’t be a concern, either. These days, a significant number of therapists offer remote appointments and flexible scheduling for patients who consistently find themselves pressed for time.  

Begin Looking for Other Opportunities 

When trapped in an abusive situation – job-related or otherwise – it’s perfectly natural to feel stuck. Believing that there’s no way out of your predicament is liable to prevent you from seeking out other opportunities. Furthermore, when it comes to jobs, most people are understandably hesitant to quit in advance of securing gainful employment elsewhere. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t actively apply for other jobs while continuing to work your current one. Devoting a little bit of time each day to perusing relevant job listings and applying for positions that strike you as a good fit can be tremendously uplifting to anyone who feels trapped in a thankless, go-nowhere career. (Keep in mind that advertising the fact that you’re looking for alternative employment generally isn’t a good idea.)

Continue Your Education 

In many cases, pursuing a more fulfilling career path requires one to continue their education. Depending on how dramatic a career change you’re looking to pursue, continuing your education may entail taking a few courses or earning a whole new degree. There’s no question that returning to school after a prolonged absence can be scary, but if it’s your most viable means of freeing yourself from an untenable job situation, continued education is certainly worth considering.

As is the case when seeking mental health assistance, one needn’t always go the traditional route when it comes to continued education. For example, with many schools offering online degree programs, you may have a lot more flexibility when it comes to class schedules and coursework than you think. Putting in the time and effort to earn an advanced degree – such as a graduate analytics option – can do wonders for both your earning power and long-term employment prospects.    

Being stuck in a job that causes you nothing but stress can be a truly disheartening experience. However, since the vast majority of us actively depend on our jobs for our livelihood, getting out of a toxic professional situation can be far from easy. Still, if your current job has become completely unbearable, you should start taking steps to extricate yourself. In the interest of combating job stress and finding a fulfilling career, put the pointers discussed above to good use.

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