Exploring Regenerative Leadership

Regenerative leadership is about rewilding boardrooms and companies, and that’s not about bringing in animals and letting wolves run riot.

It’s about bringing back some of the natural innate abilities that all humans possess and re-introducing a more human-centric leadership approach.

  • Being of service by creating a safe and inclusive environment
  • Showing up authentically
  • Being vulnerable and permitting other people to do the same
  • The act of replacing the old dogma or paradigms of leadership and embracing new and forgotten leadership skills
  • Knowing that people are already empowered and that they do not require permission, only encouragement
  • It’s about self-leadership and ownership
  • Fostering our natural human qualities, such as creativity, emotional intelligence, our sense of community
  • Allowing failure as a natural part of the learning process
  • Listening to understand, by I hear, see, and value you.

By doing all of the above people will start to bring out qualities (from within) that they didn’t even know they had, which kick-starts empowerment and fosters a great work culture. Listen for more:

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Peter Griffiths
Peter Griffithshttps://www.themindtakeaway.com/
Although I never planned it this way, I had two parallel careers before co-founding my own company. I performed as an electronic musician at numerous international festivals and clubs, including the Glastonbury and Creamfields festivals. At the same time, I served as a people manager for large-scale organisations in Europe and the Middle East. Balancing such diverse careers helped bring the benefits of creativity into the workplace and gave me valuable problem-solving and leadership experience. My travels through business, music performances, and personal adventures have taken me to 50 countries and five continents. Those experiences allowed me to cultivate meaningful relationships with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Throughout my career, I learned how to maximise individuals' potential and create the right conditions for creativity and innovation to flourish. By fostering diverse thinking and developing a psychologically safe environment, I am skilled in bringing out the best in others and showing others how to build high-performing teams from their own experience. My leadership approach has always been to trust first, nurture growth through opportunities that arise from failure and uncertainty. Knowing first-hand the value of communication and self-reflection, I seek to guide people to reconnect with their wisdom, creativity, and passion for life. Over the last two decades, I developed hundreds of individuals and high-performing teams for Orange Telecom in the United Kingdom and Zurich International Life in the United Arab Emirates, and Booking.com in Germany. Currently, I work as a creativity consultant, certified executive coach, and mentor.