Expert Review of The Timothy Sykes Trading System

Take the Challenge with Penny Stocks Guru Timothy Sykes

A scam is a willful and intentional attempt to defraud an individual of their money. It misrepresents itself by masquerading as something helpful, whereas the only one that the scam helps is the scam founder – the scam artist. The Timothy Sykes program is not a scam in any way, shape or form. We have gone through a sizeable chunk of material, over time, and found it to be 100% legitimate. To understand this better, one needs to take a step back to appreciate exactly what the Tim Sykes Challenge is all about.

Timothy Sykes is the real deal. There is no doubt about his legitimacy or the veracity of his claims to fame and fortune. He invested his bar mitzvah money of approximately $12,000 over the course of several years and transformed it into well over $1 million by the time he was in college. His success serves as a catalyst for anyone interested in imitating his results. The Tim Challenge covers many topics, including open trades and closed trades, commentary, video lessons, webinars, alerts, and a comprehensive DVD library syllabus. Without going into the specifics of each section, category, and line-item, it is important to assess the overall trading solution as presented in the course. We did this and found it to be extremely helpful.

CNN ran an interesting op-ed titled, ‘5 Most Common Financial Scams’. There is a section in the article about Penny Stocks. The content reads as follows: ‘… Penny stocks are notorious for being rife with fraud… Scammers will flock to message boards, blogs, and email, advertising these low-price, thinly traded securities. They find something that sounds tempting… and tout them as the next big thing.’ It’s important to understand the warnings expressed here. With respect to Tim Sykes, his methodology for approaching penny stocks is different from those Wolf of Wall Street-style individuals who pump and dump stocks.

How is Timothy Sykes different to Jordan Belfort?

As Timothy Sykes explained in his interview with legendary talk-show host, Larry King, the way that the Wolf of Wall Street profited from Penny Stocks is inherently different to the way he made his money with Penny Stocks. For starters, Jordan Belfort would actively promote stocks, helping their prices to rise dramatically, and then dump them en masse. Timothy Sykes approaches the penny stocks market from an entirely different perspective.

He does not promote any stocks to people taking his course; he watches the market and finds the diamonds in the rough. This requires intensive research. If for example he finds a company that Apple Inc is interested in investing in, this may be ripe for the picking. Alternatively, if the investment has not paid dividends and the stock has room for depreciation, Timothy Sykes may decide to short the stock and profit to the downside.

There is a fundamental difference in the way that Penny Stocks are traded here. On the one hand, you have the scam artist who is actively encouraging his ‘minions’ to go out there and promote a stock. Then, as the stock price rises through excess demand those stocks are shorted and money is generated. On the other hand, you have a straight shooter in the form of Timothy Sykes who does his homework to understand what drives markets; he doesn’t trade penny stocks every day, because most of the time there is such little activity taking place in this over-the-counter market that there is no price movement.

You need volatility or at least some element of market movement that is going to shake things up in anticipation of a price movement. These can be positive or negative according to Sykes. If an investment in a penny stock company looks like it’s going to tank because alternative technologies have been approved, that stock is ripe for shorting. If a big PR campaign is about to kick-off for a penny stock, that stock is ripe for purchase. That’s basically the backdrop against which traders approach these options.

There is always going to be an element of skepticism whenever a successful trader promotes a new strategy. Since there is self-gain in the picture, there is a tendency to balk at the notion of investing in it. However, traders who have earned their stripes and who know what they’re talking about have every right to teach hopefuls and to charge a fair price for it. In Timothy’s case, traders get to access a host of powerful trading resources – premium and free. It’s not a trick, or a secret, or a novel idea that is shared; it is an all-encompassing education into the highly volatile world of penny stocks.

Here’s a quick tip from our research into Timothy Sykes’ trading systems – he uses Stocks to Trade and his online brokers of choice include E-Trade and TD Ameritrade. To fill in the blanks, an education is required. That’s where his course comes into the picture.

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