2017 is an election year in British Columbia. I hope each one of you out there thinks about what is most important for the greater good of all when choosing who you will cast your ballot for.

For me personally, if I think of “self” and what is important? – family, our planet, health, life, earth, people. It seems that only when we are close to an Election do the promises come out.

In my opinion, “Politics and Greed” go hand in hand when people think only about self.   I’m sure most would say I am opinionated which in a way I am, because I think about the whole.

“If the views I have expressed be right, we can think of our civilization evolving with the growth of knowledge from small wandering tribes to large settled law.”

– John Boyd Orr

It is my understanding that most of the advocacy organizations here in BC are funded in some way by the Government. In whole or part because they can be controlled to think and do things a certain way.

Why do I advocate, because it is my passion to help society “EVOLVE.”

“I believe in an evolving Constitution. A flexible Constitution leaves room for us to consider not merely how the world once was, but how it ought to be.”

– Eliot Spitzer

I have never been one to take compliments well. When people say things to me about how great I am, or a blessing, I don’t think that way. I think its the way people should be. I like to empower people to believe in themselves and their dreams. To think outside the box, to enjoy life to the fullest, to do what their heart is telling them to do.

I love meeting people from all over the world. I love helping people and that is why I volunteer. I love advocacy, no one pays me to do it, I do it to give back, it is my contribution.

Life is short and every day should be enjoyed and we should all give back. In a perfect world, it would be that way. My aunt Kathy in Victoria always says to me “If people thought of others, there would be no war,” she is right.

My aunt in Croatia tells me, every day pray that God takes you under his wings, gives you strength, protects you. He has big time. Has it been easy, not in the least but I have no regrets. I enjoy life, value life and live life, my way.

Advocacy for our most vulnerable citizens is something many people don’t know or don’t want to know. They focus on their families rather than the whole. Even before my child was born, the system failed to tell us as her parents what was happening. No compassion, no ethical standards. It was months after she was born that we were given a diagnosis.

Most people don’t have a clue and don’t care of what families face when they have a child with a disability, a parent they are caring for or a loved one on the street. We have become an ignorant society only interested in self.

You can throw all the tax-free money you want at people and shuffle children into the system, or support families. To care for our most vulnerable citizens in a way, that is best for them, their families and society is doing what is proper rather than wasteful.

This is my goal, my dream, and my legacy that I will leave in this world. It does not matter how long it takes, I will fight tooth and nail for the greater good of people.

We can’t manipulate some stars while maintaining other stars as controls; we can’t start and stop ice ages, and we can’t experiment with designing and evolving dinosaurs.”

– Jared Diamond

As for those who wish to comfort me, I am a very, very strong woman. Do, I cry, you bet I do, I miss my daughter with every fiber of my being.   People can be so cruel towards others without fully understanding what it takes to love and care for children. All children matter, regardless of ability/disability.

Value life, be compassionate human beings, love people, regardless of race, religion, etc., etc., It is the only thing that will make a difference in this cruel dark world.

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Suzana Matkovic
Suzana Matkovic
SUZANA has a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks. With the guidance of a loving family, she aspired to the best job of Life: Motherhood. People that know her journey will understand how this beautiful and tragic chapter forged her resilience and tenacity to bring her passions to life by being part of the change. Upon graduation in 84, she moved into an extremely successful 30-year career. Nonetheless, she walked away from it in 2014, in order to pursue something more personally meaningful. A School of Life that enabled her to meet people of different nationalities, cultures, races, languages and outlooks, is what she sought. She is an avid advocate and volunteer motivated to help others reach their full potential by raising awareness of numerous social issues affecting many and establishing a legacy for change. Suzana’s training and experience have provided her with a unique foundation from which to produce communication that is Significant, Relevant and Actionable. Her knowledge in sales/business development and marketing started in the early 90’s where she received numerous awards for innovation, customer satisfaction and quality management. She has worked in all business categories: Local Government, Manufacturing and Distribution, Logistics and Lumber Export. Some of the more notable products and services were sold into the Environmental Energy Sector and building products that represented Structural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Architectural Engineering. In addition to Marketing initiatives for various NGOs and causes near and dear to her heart. All this was accomplished by a high school graduate with determination, vision and passion. She attributes her success to many wonderful mentors throughout her personal and professional life and the inner strength God blessed her with.

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    • Thank you Team 360 for allowing me the opportunity to share my thoughts on this platform. I have learned so much from being surrounded by all of you, all thought leaders. I am not perfect, I have made mistakes, many mistakes in my 30+ years, all worthwhile learning experiences. We can all learn something about ourselves and from others and we can all be the “WE are the people,” as Massimo so beautifully pointed out. Thanks again!

  1. This is not just a contribution, it is also a gentle and softly spoken yell, that comes from a sensitive soul. Lord knows how much we need people who have the courage to say what’s on their minds, and the courage to tell people the unvarnished truth. I think we could address this subject looking at it from different perspectives… but… maybe… if you look at the contemporary reality, there’s something that takes place right under our noses… politics became a place for those who want the power… ot for those who’ve achieved nothing with their lives, and want a well-paying and revered “shelter” – I’m one who lives life to the full. I travelled a lot for years and years… everywhere. And I do that even today. I’ve lived many different places… And the way I see it, and I am not the only one who thinks that, people, ordinary people, generally speaking, don’t count for a diddly these days. Today things follow a logic which is a very long way from the human element. The time we live in is full of human beings on the run, even on themselves, broken and unhappy, victims of inequalities, victims of their divisions and diversities, which, sadly, are both engraved on the doors of time, because of the blindness of the human species, victims of their promised land of justice, and harmony, victims of their much desired peace, devastated by forced exile, “strays”, and by their restless souls of modern times. Masses… on one side…. and the world for the few… on the other side.

    Many people, much more than we can imagine, move in this lived and suffered everyday life, bathed in our immense smallness of humans … marginal and defeated … with the veins of their hands open… and when veins are open… they get easily “infected”… and history shows that when this happens… the consequences are disastrous, for a peaceful coexistence. I firmly believe that the world needs an utopia… ’cause we’ve definitely hit some kind of low now, a dream, ’cause we stopped dreaming … a dream where society is the Best Product, a governance that is based on universal values, for the progress of us all, and for saving the planet. Especially for those less fortunate than us. Not a series of “backyards” full of small selfish people screaming… rambling, incoherent, pretentious words to manipulate people, and to blame others … because as experience has shown, these are a a sign of stupidity, inability to understand what the real issues are, and SOLVE THEM, and absence of constructive arguments and positive Vision.

    So… “we can think of our civilization evolving with the growth of knowledge from small wandering tribes to large settled law.” – That’s right… and we are not anymore small wandering tribes… and this makes me think… and should make us all think… in our everyday lives… in dealing with other people… and before electing someone or choosing a new government. Because Power may produce positive and negative consequences, and when the negatives overtake the positives, leadership degenerates in an excess of power, vacuous scenery, and emptiness of thought … and this always happens at the expense of other people… WE are the other people.

    Thank you Suzana! Thank you very much! I concur wholeheartedly with Billy Kevin Inness: Remarkable Article! What you’ve written says a lot about a person’s nature, Yours. Thanks again Suzana!

    • Massimo, I am humbled by your comments, Thank you so much for being you. You are much wiser than I and YOUR VOICE MATTERS, YOU MATTER! You are a leader like no other and I can see why people follow you, are inspired by you and want to be mentored by you. You not only show the way, you allow people to think for themselves. I have had many wonderful mentors, my parents and child being the 1st two. I have had my share professionally, you take the cake my friend. Thank you again for your positive inspiration, mentorship and friendship. Much love, always.

  2. Thank you Suzana
    Remarkable article!!
    We can be more than we are with people like you keeping us looking for ways to help each other and not just looking out for ourselves. Please keep helping us see the opportunities we might be able to choose if we are informed and willing.
    Again Thanks

    Kind regards

    • Thanks Billy, we all have within us a seed, experience, and something to contribute. If you don’t have the experience, get out in your community, get involved, take pictures and tell the story. Kindest regards to you and all the best throughout the year.