Evolution of Vulnerability

Anita is a nubile village lass of her yearly fifteen of age. She enjoys her bliss out of nature’s endowment with inexhaustible energy and energizes many with her mellifluous vibes. Always prattling with others and running here and there with her friend and associate of her contemporary age. Sometimes engaging herself by plucking flowers from others’ gardens and stealing fruits by climbing herself to the trees with sheer delight which gives revelation of her pure and holy frame of mind. Her vibes reverberate in the vicinity she is living, inducing many to live with pleasure and sprightly gestures.

Her parents are having very little property and they are forced to work on other land as agrarian labor to simply eke out. Anita is the youngest of the four children her parents have and the rest are pretty senior to her. All of them are married. Anita’s mother is only concerned about her marriage and expressed her desire about how she could arrange her marriage at the earliest, as she seems to be untamed to her and expresses her worries to her neighborhood about how she can send her comfortably to her in-law’s house. However, her father used to indulge her with adulation as being his youngest daughter and wanted her to remain with him as long he can afford to retain her and he used to act as a shield to protect her from her mother’s rebuke.

However, in due course of time, her mother along with her relatives and neighbors planned to arrange her nuptial accordingly out of their relatives’ proposition, they arranged her marriage to a boy who is barely nineteen years of age and settled their surroundings only for few months and working as a labor in their neighbor’s land. He is claiming as an orphan, who lost his parents at a very early stage of life and naturally draws generosity from the people in and around the place. His name is Arabindo.

Anita’s parents thought if he could be persuaded as their son-in-law, then he will be remaining with them through and through and surely love their daughter with intense passion rest of her life. Arabindo is a good-looking chap with a delectable presentation, influencing many that he is from a well-to-do family with an elegant background and his fate might land him in such unfavorable condition. His parents and other relatives and neighbors felt affection for him and their marriage virtually concluded. After marriage, they started to enjoy a conjugal life of harmony and peace. Their parents are too elated for their well beings. Taking advantage of Anita’s parents’ fervor Arobindo started to behave like an ignorant one with a holy approach and impressed Anita’s parents and relatives a lot. But, staying idle in the house and expressing apathy towards hard work initially Anita’s parents considered their in-law’s intention to be attached more intensely to their daughter triggering him to express apathy toward work as an integral part of the whole family of Anita, and they too satisfied for his revealing trait. They are dedicated to their hard labor with the hope to bring happiness to their newly wedded bridegroom. Anita’s family is showering their utmost fervor on the couple and their well-being and hoping that their efforts and endeavors will only yield prosperity to their family. Thus, Anita and Arobindo are enjoying the cordiality of the family they are incorporated with.

One fine morning, suddenly Anita took notice that her husband writing a letter to his mother, expressing his concern and promising to get back to her domain at the earliest, where he can only recluse and find his soul’s comfort. Anita, with her little knowledge of letters capable to decipher her husband’s vile intentions and, expressed her vexation towards him. He brazenly ignored her anger and tried to prove she is ignorant and immediately scrapped the letter he wrote, just to nullify her honest claim futile.

Arobindo’s nefarious ploy of being deciphered by his wife made him more vile and arrogant. He started to beat her mercilessly in order to prove she is not enough servile to her husband. Afterward, he persuaded her that he is a craftsman and had the adeptness to make furniture from wood and if he can be assisted financially by her parents then he can make his craftwork and sell in the local market to earn adequate profit to enjoy a decent livelihood with his new enterprise. Poor Anita took his words at face value and perused her parents to assist Arobindo with financial aid which may fetch happiness for the couple. Out of Anita’s request and earnest appeal, her parents provided Arobindo with five thousand rupees, expecting he will ensure peace and prosperity for their daughter as well as her husband.

After acquiring the money, one fine morning Arobindo fled. Anita’s parents initially could not realize his evil intention as the villagers are usually simple and devoid of any complex frame of mind, unlike city inhabitants who are just focused on their self-centered complicated lifestyle with a deceptive protocol to rob the opportunity of the ignorant and holy mindset of village folks. However, they tried every possible means to trace him, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Anita came to know that she is pregnant, and her parents after knowing her state of health did not take any initiative to terminate the pregnancy as the local quack, which the villagers are forced to seek assistance owing to their poverty to afford a medical expert advised them that it is too late for her health condition. Eventually, she gave birth to a girl and engaged herself to nurture her out of her own ability with a lack of adequate maturity. After a few years, she started to dream of ensuring her healthy upbringing and accordingly migrated to the city and started to work initially as a domestic help to earn with an aspiration to make her girl educated and self-reliant. Her hardships eventually enabled her daughter to complete her school education with decent grades and even completed her college education honorably.

Afterward, she started to work in a private enterprise and fell in love with a boy whom she decided to marry. When she divulged it to her mother Anita, initially she felt a little skeptical as she possess a nightmarish experience regarding marriage. But, in the passage of time, she nodded to her girl’s decision and arranged all necessary formalities as well as financial support with her little saving in exchange for her toil and tears. But, Anita later became too happy by observing her daughter’s happy conjugal life. Her daughter too elated by noticing the color of happiness radiating from her mother’s face. Her daughter, Sumita felt very relaxed and happy, the moment she showers her mother with the gifts which only bear the testimony of a daughter’s affection for her mother who single-handedly groom her with affection and utmost care.

On their wedding anniversary, her daughter gifted Anita a smartphone and opened a Facebook account along with other social media accounts so that her mother can enjoy her time happily moment she may have leisure time. Her loneliness could be withered away and by video calls, she can interact with other family members too. Anita gradually became conversant with the device and became almost addicted to it. It is the technology’s inherent strength that made Anita too educated and surprisingly she can send SMS too. She even developed friendships with numerous friends and her engagement with social networking sites perhaps gradually made her pretty unsocial. She always loved to be hooked on her smartphone and could not realize how the device has literally changed her. She developed a friendship with a man little more than her age of her and became familiar with even chatting with her. Gradually their interactions became intense and she even fell in love with him. Initially, she thought that at the age of forty and after having a son-in-law, it is not wise to be having an affair and she maintained it secretly. But, later she indulged to fan her passion by resorting to an alibi that why she should repudiate her own desire and happiness.

She has done her duty by upbringing her daughter and making her well settled and now she must give space to her own desire and interests. She made a firm resolution and beyond the virtual world, she dragged her relationship to reality. She interacted with the man of her choice physically and secretly. After a number of times they met and the man promised her a life of happiness of conjugal life by marrying her and settling with her rest of his life, she believed him blindfolded. This time Anita’s intuition betrayed her and being allured by his false promise she one day suddenly eloped with him. There was no trace of both of them too. Her Facebook account became inoperative. Her daughter, Sumita along with her husband and other relatives tried their level best to fetch her, but to no avail. They lodged a missing complaint to the police station, but the police persuaded them that they too are trying their best to fetch her, and the moment they may collect any information they will inform Sunita.

Days gone, months gone, years gone, but there is no information or any trace of Anita. She just disappeared as if she never existed. It is truly a matter of wonder, whether technology and the internets are a boon or bane. The virtual world not only robs ones virtual entity but also a physical entity. The number of cyber crimes is increasing at rocketing pace. Myriad of people are losing money, wealth, and even their dear and near ones too, not virtually but really and even physically! After many years the news was floated in the area where Anita used to live, that she had fallen into a trap of a human trafficker and eventually been harbored in a brothel far away from the place she was once lost.

She never emerged on the horizon of her only daughter’s spectrum which became black perpetually. The web could be how dark is beyond capacity for many to fathom. By virtue of technology and the internet where we are actually heading for? Humanity is being eclipsed with hoodwinking design being framed in an alluring fashion and duping many, whether in the form of games or other means. Whether it is Anita or many aged peoples saving on their account or hard earn money of any sincere fellow, wink of an eye they all are lost, just perpetually lost! Whether it is blockchain or any other means of the internet, obviously lucrative to few, but disaster to myriad and this all will remain as top secret and even we are heading for a currency which too maintain such secret and we are largely eulogizing this technology which only paving the burial ground for many without any epitaph, and no trace will be there in the web too!


Debasish Majumder
Debasish Majumder
I Debasish Majumder, hailing from Kolkata, State: West Bengal, Country: India, born in a middle-class family in the year 1965 and brought up in an environment extremely favorable for me to garner knowledge from people from various walks of life. Their lives and livelihood are of immense gravity to me as I considered myself as a fortunate one to be facilitated to interact with those who possessed multi-faceted experience and thrived vigorously in their respective fields. Since my schooling as well the path of my studies till I completed my graduation in humanities and thereafter working in various organizations has enabled me to get hands-on experience about the twist and turns of life where I observed the plight of myriad who are economically vulnerable and how they combat the life and even capable to enjoy the every drop of it without complaining about their state. Since my childhood, my passion for the English language and English literature enabled me to explore the world in and around me out of fabulous authors and their valuable renditions which even unveiled front of me the true picture of nature and how it is now confronting peril out of greedy few sharks in the veil of few humans obliterating the very essence of humane! Their works encouraged me to pen down articles, short stories, and poems with my little ability and I have already had a number of paperback editions of my compilation of short stories and poems which are now available on Amazon and other global sites. My alacrity for learning regarding nature as well the society along with the people who are considered as the most precious imperative for us to be enriched. I am blessed by innumerable notable thinkers and philosophers whose works appealed to me enormously, and even helped me to shape up myself by virtue of their expressions. I am having little capacity to translate the reflections of the present society, precisely for the acumen of a myriad of learned persons who have helped me to widen my vista with their wisdom and wide array of knowledge. My sincere effort was navigated by those enlightened persons and I tried with my best of ability to reflect on the scenario I have observed in the journey of my life.

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