Everything Matters – Nothing Matters

–with Gina Mazza

Amid the chaos we are facing, a number of people are using this time to look inwardly in the hope of finding a sense of calm and peace and meaning. These people have said to me “Do I even want to return to my old normal, my old job, my old habits, with all the stress and anxiety? I want to be alive with a capital A.” There has to be a better way. Maybe this is the opportunity to change.” But how do we change? What do we change? And the real question – Do we really want to change? Listen to Gina Mazza tell her amazing story of transformation as we discuss her book, Everything Matters – Nothing Matters.

You will know who you are, with the freedom to be it.
You will know what you want, with the daring to go for it.


Frank Zaccari
Frank Zaccari
Business/Organizational Development Expert - Key Note Speaker - 4x Best Selling Author - Radio and Roku TV host of Life-Altering Events and Featured Contributor BIZCATALYST 360°, US Air Force veteran. He is also the co-founder of the Wellness Connection (a series of wellness clinic that will be launched soon) Frank Zaccari- 35 years - Sr. Executive & business owner, a dynamic, engaging, and entertaining Keynote Speaker, 4x bestselling Author, Business Adviser, ROKU TV Show Host, VoiceAmerica host of Life-Altering Events, wrote and published 8 books, leads a workshop at Arizona State University; mentors Veterans, is a mentor and judge at University of California Entrepreneurship Academy. His "Business & Personal Secrets" series has produced three #1 bestselling books in twelve months. The most recent bestseller "Business & Professional Secrets for Getting Unstuck" (May 2022) is a follow-up to his other best-selling books in the series "Business Secrets for Walking on Water" (May 2021) and "Business & Personal Secrets for Avoiding Relationship Landmines." (November 2021). Frank provides long-term consulting with midsize companies to sustain success, scale, fund growth, pivot (dynamic change), and significantly improve profitability in a positive business environment. He re-enforces this consulting by providing both on-site and virtual workshops which expand on his Business and Personal Secrets book series. In addition, Frank and his team, are running public relations and marketing campaigns for authors, including ghostwriting services if necessary. This program has generated seven consecutive #1 bestselling books.

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  1. This is a real good read and there is a lot one can agree with.
    Every living being changes continuously with the passage of time: it grows organically, has different experiences, interacts with the outside world in ever new ways to adapt to it. Change is synonymous with life advancing and moving forward in time; staticity is synonymous with the typical rigidity of death and time that has now stopped. Probably each of us aspires to changes that we have long desired.
    It exists between change and awareness.When we become aware of ourselves we can act on the basis of more information: we know who we are, we know how we work, and therefore increase the possibilities to choose what is best for ourselves.
    To make a lasting change in our uncomfortable habits we need two variables: experience and time.
    Being aware of the problem is the first step. Subsequently, having new experiences and giving yourself time to grow and change are the next steps that will lead to change.
    Change is possible when awareness and experience go hand in hand.
    Ultimately, we must gain awareness of what we want to change and then activate ourselves by making new experiences that are within our reach at that given moment.

  2. Thank you for sharing this conversation Dennis J. Pitocco. At some point in our lives every little thing seems to matter. Hopefully, we find that point as Gina Mazza has and teaches where we realize very few of things we worried about or feared actually matter.

    Like Frank Zaccari’s comment