Establishing A More Positive Relationship With Social Media

There has been the talk of social media being to blame for mental health issues in young people and the emergence of online bullying. However, rather than blaming social media as a whole, it pays to take some responsibility ourselves and focus on the way we interact with online platforms. In the twenty-first century, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become the go-to places for millennials. Here, they can follow their favorite bands, communicate with their friends and search for the latest fashion trends. Forget about scrolling mindlessly through your Facebook feed only to feel depressed after a couple of hours, and renew your relationship with social media so that it has a positive impact on your life.


While you may think that Facebook et al. have a monopoly on the social media sphere, new platforms are emerging to make a play for the millennial market. New platforms are staking a claim to the Facebook market, but are trying to offer something new. Vero is unique in that it is a solely social network, no businesses allowed, with zero annoying advertising banners for its users to become frustrated with. It aims to compete with Twitter and Instagram because it is highly visual and yet updates feeds chronologically rather than by algorithms paid for by companies to get there sponsored posts high up. These more integrity led social media platforms are surging in popularity because they resonate with a younger population who want to deal with transparent and honest tools and apps online.

Limit Your Screen Time

Many people now choose to advocate detoxes when it comes to social media. However, if you are in the world of self-employment and you own your own business, not being on social media can be like startup suicide. Instead, consider limiting your social media and screen time to working hours. There’s no need to wake up and reach for your phone to check Facebook. And there’s no need to eat your dinner while scrolling through your Instagram feed. When social media usage turns into an addiction, your mental health can suffer. This is when a detox may be in order for your own well being.

Block Or Mute

If you have been unfortunate enough to see online bullying or be the victim of it yourself, protect yourself. Block those trolls and mute those individuals who make you anxious and who you don’t want to appear in your feeds. Twitter is great at giving you the option to report abusive or offensive posts. They will take action if they deem the user to be breaking any rules and will throw them off the site. However, think of yourself first and foremost. This means honing your feed so that you are only exposed to aspirational, positive and entertaining content that you like to engage with.

Social media has had a bad press in the past twelve months. However, before you swap your smartphone for a noughties brick of a mobile phone, consider using this guide to establish a more positive relationship with social media.

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