Entrepreneurial Lessons From Nature

Entreprenurial SpiritSuccessful entrepreneurs see lessons in everything around them. It can be a business meeting, a personal interaction with family or friends, or simply by observing nature. Recently I noticed some things in nature that reminded me of the many lessons we can find if we allow ourselves to have an awareness in everything we do.

Onion – There is a dry outer crunchy skin. It isn’t until we peel that off that we find a fresh beautiful juicy onion inside. A reminder that what we see on the outside, isn’t necessarily what is found by going inside ourselves. We all have something valuable and beautiful inside to give, if we are willing to peel back the layers of what is stopping us.

Coconut – The hard shell can be deceiving. It is only upon cracking it that we discover the fruit inside. A reminder that a hard exterior doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t something worthwhile inside. When things are tough in business, push through and stay committed, the payoff for your tenacity is always worth it.

Garlic – Must be planted in the fall, and isn’t ready to harvest until the following summer. A reminder that anything worthwhile is worth the time and effort it takes. So often people give up because the result they want is taking too long. Anything worthwhile takes time. Be willing to do what it takes for as long as it takes.

Perennials – They cost a little more than annuals, and take a season or two to really mature. When I look at perennials that have matured, it reminds me of investing in things in my business that will pay off for the long run. I don’t have to keep planting them, they come back every year, better than the previous. When we invest in something that will be valuable for our business, it is a smart long term business decision.

Leaves – We enjoy the beauty of green grass and leaves all summer long. Fall arrives and all the trees turn magnificent colors and lose their leaves. A reminder that change is constant, and by leaving behind the old, we discover new and beautiful things. By going through the change, we witness growth the next season. Don’t be afraid of or resist change. There is always something great waiting for those that have vision and see new opportunity in the change.

Flowers – We had some flowers we had planted in planters that we couldn’t seem to get to grow all summer. We kept watering regularly and then towards the end of the season, got very busy and didn’t have time to baby them as we had all summer. After a few week of not watering as regularly, they absolutely blossomed! We realized we had been watering too much. This was a great lesson…sometimes we overdue it and we just have to allow the work we have done to take hold. We can’t force results….we must learn that perfect blend of doing what it takes and then stepping back and letting the power of what we have done bring forth the results.

Pomegranates – There are a couple of months a year we can’t get them. I was so excited early October to see them back in the stores! I didn’t discover poms until about 2 yrs ago. I had no idea there were beautiful, sweet little seeds inside these tough skins. They have become one of my favorite fruits! I didn’t think it was something I would like, and hadn’t even allowed myself to try it. So often we are hesitant to try anything new. It is by testing new things that we discover new ways of doing things, new passions and new results. The pom fruit is a reminder to be willing to test new things in business….there is always more than one answer and more than one way to do things. By being willing to push through doing things differently we often discover a better way, or more productive way, which can lead to better results.

Pumpkins – I started a pumpkin collection a couple of years ago. I wanted to dress them up and make them look fancier. I have many shapes and sizes now, sprayed silver, with crystal beads and pearls etc. A reminder that we can take an idea, and make it our own by customizing it. We don’t have to do things the same way as everyone else. We can be inspired by ideas and totally reinvent to make it suit what resonates with us. This is where we learn about the innovative and creative side we all have within us….we simply have to allow ourselves to tap into it.

Knowledge and growth is in everything we experience….make a switch in your conscious mind to actually notice these things and ask yourself what lessons are in it that can accelerate your life, and/or your business.


Debbie Ruston
Debbie Ruston
ENTREPRENEUR, International Trainer, Visionary Leader – Debbie has been a successful entrepreneur, since 1986 and believes in taking an active stand for true human potential. As the owner of The Success Educator, Debbie has spent her career helping individuals discover their limitations and overcome them and assists people globally in starting their own businesses. She also has a personal passion for education reform and providing youth the knowledge required to succeed in today's changed world.

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  1. Debbie, thank you for sharing a wonderful reminder of what we can learn from nature. If only we take a few moments to observe, learn and assimilate the goodness (in more ways than one).. we would definitely live lives more appreciative of others.

    Not too long ago, while sharing time with the people below poverty level, we also touched on the subject of “appreciation regardless of…… the situation we all find ourselves in, whether rich or poor, regardless of caste, religion etc. We had taken shelter under a banyan tree and used it as an example.

    “Just appreciate the trees – the way they always give us their fruits, shade, shelter and the all important Oxygen which is necessary for our existence. This “giving” by the trees is unconditional. They give because that is their very nature. Whilst giving they do not judgmentally discriminate between any living being – whether animals, a saint, a beggar, a criminal or for that matter a tycoon. When they “give” they do so without having any expectations about getting back anything from anyone. It is in this “without expecting”, they are still , the involuntarily recipients of the vital carbon dioxide from us which is critical to their existence. Thus, there is a beautiful unselfish and collaborative relationship experienced here.

    Unconditional love is our very nature. Lets learn to adopt this. Nature is a constant source of inspiration.. if only we take a few moments to recognize, acknowledge, accept, assimilate them into our lives and then share of our goodness.