Enjoy the Ride

At some point, people working with me hear “My journey is my goal, my path is my prize.”

I don’t remember many of my teachers asking me what I wanted to learn. The few that did were more interested in learning about me, and my answers would be revealing. Most of my studies involved meeting with my teachers and them asking me about things in general or if I had any questions about the previous lesson.

They would listen to me, focusing all their attention on me. If you ever want an uncomfortable experience, sit face-to-face with someone who knows everything about you, things you don’t even know or remember, who knows stuff about you that you don’t even know yet, while they focus all their attention on you.

It can get intense.

Then there’s another level that most people are completely unprepared for; the only reason your teacher is your teacher is because they love you, care about you, and want success for you in ways you probably won’t understand until you’ve been working with them for a while.

But as I was saying (you think I get sidetracked now, take a class with me!) nobody ever said something like “Today we’re going to learn …” I’m sure they had things they wanted to teach me or things they thought I needed to learn, and those always took a backseat to what I needed to learn or what the Universe needed me to learn.

So we would talk, they would listen, and 99% of the time they would make suggestions regarding some personal problem I was having, something that was making my life less fulfilling than it could be. They would help me understand how to live my life better and always there would be some part of our work that would help me if I was willing to put in the effort.

It’s not about moving mountains and it’s not about being better than others and it’s not about being some kind of superbeing who can do incredible things. It’s all about being a better you right now right where you are right here in this moment.

Don’t expect miracles. They’ll happen when you’re ready.

Until then, enjoy the ride. Let your journey itself be your goal, let your path be your prize. Everything else comes soon enough.

But for now. Enjoy the ride.


Joseph Carrabis
Joseph Carrabis
Joseph Carrabis has been everything from a long-haul trucker to a Chief Research Scientist and holds patents covering mathematics, anthropology, neuroscience, and linguistics. He served as Senior Research Fellow and Board Advisor to the Society for New Communications Research and The Annenberg Center for the Digital Future; Editorial Board Member on the Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy; Advisory Board Member to the Center for Multicultural Science; Director of Predictive Analytics, Center for Adaptive Solutions; served on the UN/NYAS Scientists Without Borders program; and was selected as an International Ambassador for Psychological Science in 2010. He created a technology in his basement that's in use in over 120 countries. Now he spends his time writing fiction based on his experiences.

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  1. The most important choice is to accept/love life as it has been given to us and not as we would have liked it to be. If on this journey we begin to reject this and that, I believe that we will not achieve the authentic purpose of our existence, because in non-acceptance pain remains encapsulated in the deepest part of us and cannot sprout or bear fruit.

    • Agreed.
      Without an appreciation of what we have there is no point in seeking more or other because nothing will ever fulfill/complete us.
      (and thanks for reading. muchly appreciated)