The great revolutionaries of change in history never came from the top. The innovators of your company won’t be siloed or in management.

The responsibility for establishing the strategies of an organization are frequently seeded in those at the top. The direction of the company is left to those in the tower while subordinates contrarian opinions are deemed fodder. They hire for followers who parrot approval of their decisions instead of people who respect leadership but will provide their honest assessment.

The top people are the designated change agents i.e. innovators. The seers of change. Only the people, the “underlings” speak in whispered measured tones the truth. They are the ones on the front lines deserving of respect yet, receiving little except the Christmas turkey expensed long ago. Nothing gets done except benchmarking what someones else did some time ago. Vision is a new age word tossed around in imaginary tones to denote that in the tower we are getting things done. The company prospers but alas, never reaches the pinnacle that they could if they understood all change, ALL CHANGE, starts from the bottom.

Leadership begins with your ability to persuade and connect. Learn to engage and captivate any audience from beginning to end for a powerful, lasting impact.

Nobody revolutionizes anything at the top. These talking heads at the top of an organizations are hesitant to adapt. Quick to terminate but slow to listen. When a company lays off employees the fault usually lie in the stunning self adoration of the senior teams intellectual capital.

You can’t have a chain of command with a top down leadership structure while claiming to have an open door policy, resilience, innovation, employee and customer engagement.

They want followers and devotees not innovators, engineers, or leaders.

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