Employees Are Your Assets – Treat Them Wisely

A perfect and balanced team can achieve more than an individual. As per one of the quotes from Ratan Naval Tata: “If you want to walk fast, then walk alone, but if you want to walk far, then walk together”.

Ratan Naval Tata, born on 28th of December 1937, is a famous Indian Investor, Industrialist, Humanitarian and former chairman of Tata Sons. He has been awarded the highest nominations of Bharat Bhushan and Bharat Vibhushan from the Indian Government

His recent achievement was the Legion of Honor from the French government for the extraordinary professional activities. Under his leadership, the Tata Group has flourished a lot and always promoted team building during his leadership. Whether your business is active on the international stage or in the local community – if so, then check this website out for an easy way to gain exposure – ensuring that your team is on the same page is important.

Some essential points for effective team building quoted by Ratan Tata:

Employees are your assets, treat them wisely

Employees are your biggest investments and getting a good employee may have cost you much. After you train them, they become your assets which can consistently increase your profitability figures. The best way to invest in your respective team is by promoting team building activities. Always respected employes and treated them as the best investment to make the business excel globally.

Build trust among the team members

In order to bring the best out of your team, it’s vital to creating trust among the team members. Without this factor, you cannot achieve as a team. There are quarrels, parallelism, and conflicts which will hamper the team and the company goals. Bind the team as a hand and you will get what you want. It is just a direction, which is to be suggested to the team members, and they will achieve it with shining colours. This factor is necessary for both the employee and the employer’s end.

Encourage Communication

It’s vital to encourage effective communication among employs. Communication gap and errors will always affect your business and which is not a good sign of growth. Proper communication is necessary for effective team building. This way major problems are resolved with ease and simplicity.

Employ engagement:

Are your employees actively engaged in their respective jobs? Or they are simply concerned to take a paycheck at the end of the month. If this is the scenario with employs than something is going in the wrong direction. The team building is lacking essentialities like motivation, drive to achieve and aspire, passion to take the company to new heights. Well, it now time to enhance your employee engagement at your workplace.

Therefore, it is very sad that most of the companies around the world fail to achieve proper employ engagement among its employs. It is not a tough job to create an engaged team of employees who are totally involved, passionate and loyal to their work.

As per statistics with proper employee engagement you can achieve:

  • An engaged team of employs:
  • There are 22% more profitable
  • Two times more productivity
  • Extreme increase in gaining customer loyalty
  • 65% less attrition among employs

Are your employees happy?

For most of the companies, money plays an easy tool to engage happiness among their employs. But will it bring positive effects in effective team building? Regular bonus, commissions, incentives are important but they are not the only factors behind happiness. Employs also demand respect, trust, and consistency in their jobs.

For this the employers can follow the below points:

  • Honesty: Every employ has the right to know whats going around the company. Hiding things from employs can frustrate them a lot. If you seek honesty than be honest first to your employs.
  • Let them maintain work-balance: Employees to have a life, family, kids, and friends and they are not just available to do your work. Always, remember these points and help them to maintain a good work balance.

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