Embracing Growth: Unlearning and Unravelling Our Mindset

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut, going through the motions of everyday life without really growing or improving yourself? The truth is real personal growth requires effort. It means challenging what you think you know and unraveling preconceptions. It’s time to embrace change and unlearn the outdated mindsets holding you back.

The Problem With What We “Know”

The illiterate of the future are not those
who can’t read or write
but those who cannot
learn, unlearn, and relearn,

— Alvin Toffler.

What parents, teachers, and society have taught us is what we accept as truth. The “facts” we know are full of biases and limited perspectives. We must unlearn some of these assumptions to grow and open our minds.

Let’s understand with examples, we know that if we work hard and follow the rules, we’ll be successful. But in reality, there are many external factors outside of our control. Unlearning this belief means accepting that failure is not always due to individual shortcomings. It allows us to show more compassion for ourselves and others.

Similarly, we were likely taught that intelligence is fixed. And that we have specific natural talents that determine our abilities. Modern research shows that a “growth mindset,” is the belief that skills and intelligence can be developed. It is a must for improvement and success. Unlearning the notion of fixed ability is critical to reaching our full potential.

Embrace Growth: Unlearning for a Progress-Driven Perspective

Challenging what we think we know isn’t easy. Our brains prefer familiar ideas and ways of thinking. Question your assumptions, and consider other perspectives. Accept in life you may not have all the answers. We can gain a balanced and insightful understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

The beliefs we hold most, are often the ones most need examination. Unlearning is a humbling process, but it’s the only way to make space for new growth. By letting go of rigid thinking, we open ourselves up to possibility. And that is where real progress begins.

Why Unlearning Is Essential for Growth

To grow, you must let go of what you think you know. Unlearning is a skill. Unlearning, though challenging, fuels growth. Our minds favor familiarity. But questioning assumptions and exploring diverse viewpoints fosters actual development.

Acknowledging knowledge gaps humbles us. It paves the way for fresh insights. Our deepest-held beliefs benefit from scrutiny. Unlearning is the path to make room for new ideas.

By releasing rigid thinking, we unlock potential and embark on genuine progress. Embrace unlearning as a catalyst for growth. Allow evolution beyond the confines of old perspectives.

Half of wisdom is learning what to unlearn

The idea is that true wisdom involves recognizing the need to shed outdated beliefs. In pursuing knowledge, individuals accumulate ideas. That might have once been valid but has lost relevance or accuracy over time. To achieve genuine wisdom, one must discern between valuable knowledge and concepts that hinder growth.

The willingness to unlearn obsolete notions demonstrates a deeper understanding of personal limitations. This offers a commitment to evolving perspectives. Just as learning enriches the mind, unlearning is essential. It ensures a well-rounded and adaptable intellectual foundation.

Why is unlearning so hard?

We get comfortable with what we know. Our brains form solid neural connections that reinforce familiar ideas and ways of thinking. To unlearn, you have to break those connections. This can feel threatening and disorienting. But unlearning is how we make space for new ideas and new growth.

How do you start unlearning?

First, question what you “know” to be true. Look for beliefs and habits of thinking that feel fixed or rigid. Then, look for evidence that contradicts those beliefs. Try re-framing the idea in a more open, flexible way.

For example, maybe you believe that “people can’t change.” But people change all the time in big and small ways. A more open belief would be “people can change under the right circumstances and with effort.”

Look for real-world examples that challenge your assumptions. Talk to others with different perspectives and experiences. Their insights can help expand your thinking.

Unlearning is challenging but rewarding work. With practice, you can let go of limiting beliefs and open your mind to new possibilities. Growth happens outside your comfort zone, so take that first step to question what you think you know. The more you unlearn, the more you’ll realize how much remains to learn.

Identifying Areas Where We May Need to Unlearn

To grow, we must first face the uncomfortable realization. Some beliefs and assumptions may not be true. Identifying areas where we need to “unlearn.” It involves challenging what we think we know by looking for:

Inconsistencies and contradictions

Do any of your views contradict each other or seem logically inconsistent? For example, do you believe people should be treated equally regardless of gender. And you also believe that some jobs are better suited for men or women? Unraveling these kinds of contradictions requires unlearning biased or stereotypical thinking.

Outdated or inaccurate information

The knowledge we gain is shaped by the era we live in. Many “facts” we learn years ago have been disproven or updated. It’s essential to stay up-to-date with current research and unlearn anything outdated. Especially in critical areas like health, society, the environment, and technology.

Narrow or close-minded thinking

Are you judgmental or intolerant towards certain groups or types of people? A narrow mindset prevents us from learning and growing. Try exposing yourself to different perspectives and life experiences to expand your thinking. Make an effort to understand people other than yourself.

Emotional reasoning

Our emotions strongly influence how we interpret the world. But just because we feel a certain way doesn’t make it accurate. Try to recognize situations where your feelings may cloud your judgment. You can reevaluate based on facts and logic rather than personal biases or anxieties. Discuss your concerns with others to gain a more balanced perspective.

Unlearning is challenging work that often takes conscious effort. We need to express our openness to admit our fallibility. Identify and address areas where our knowledge or beliefs is less, inconsistent, or misguided. We open our minds to gain a more precise and broader understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Continuous learning and growth then become possible.


Anuj Mahajan
Anuj Mahajan
Anuj Mahajan is a multifaceted professional with a deep understanding of mass communication and a wide range of interests. He is the Managing Director of Nuteq Entertainment Pvt Ltd, a broadcast media production company for over 30 years. As co-founder of Trendvisionz, Anuj Mahajan has brought together innovation and inspiration in an online web magazine. Anuj's expertise in mass communication has driven the success of Trendvisionz as a hub for thought-provoking content. Anuj is an entrepreneur, art enthusiast, and social reformer. With a belief in people's potential to bring about change, he focuses on empowering individuals through social initiatives and exemplary leadership. Anuj is a certified career transition, business, NLP, and life coach. He is an acclaimed motivational speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur. His extensive experience in network marketing and training has impacted over 10,000 individuals globally. You can find more of his writings  in his Newsletter on Linkedin- "Transforming Lives"

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