Eliminated and Resurrected

[ Eliminate:  completely remove or get rid of (something).]

Funny thing happens when your job gets eliminated.  You go from Starbucks fresh brew and buying French lace bras at Saks to Dollar Store Keurig cups and Amazon underwear.

Yes, I tend to look for the humor in any situation.  Despite the tears clouding my eyes, I have painfully learned that it is through these unexpected life experiences that we receive the most clarity.  In fact, our vision may actually improve.

 As I have always told my sons, we learn nothing from an easy test.

Years ago, when I worked in human resources at General Electric, we used to say, “Jobs go away, good people don’t”.  We excelled at “re-purposing” people before it became a thing.  After the “we are eliminating your position” call ended, I winced from a brief gut check into the keyboard and felt the bruising of my ego begin.  I shed some tears, reassured my 3 dogs there would be food in their bowls, and went into go-mode planning my next move.

I know I am a good person. So where do I go from here?

The universe, of course, was ready with an answer.  Only a few hours prior to the elimination conversation, I had received a spiritual download that I was to create a non-profit, Agape Woods, an unconditional love camp for kids.  My heart raced and I felt an electrical energy throughout my body.  My spirit was aligning with my life’s purpose.

The mission for Agape Woods is “to lift and love unconditionally all of God’s children”.  IPride, my self-esteem program which I founded in 2015 will be playing a role in the curriculum in addition to structured activities and interaction with seniors and animals. A bit more about IPride below ⤵︎

Changing the World: By Empowering Young People

In three days, I went from eliminated to resurrected. My faith is strong and tells me there has already been a precedent set.  I embrace my new life and next steps.

I invite you, my global network of incredibly supportive friends, on this journey and welcome your prayers and any guidance you are willing to offer. 


Laura Gray
Laura Gray
Laura is the Founder/Executive Director of IPride, a self-esteem, empowerment program for youth which she created in 2015. A published author, living kidney donor, and a fervent advocate for sexual assault victims, Laura is a proud mother of 3 sons and 3 dogs. She strives to live each day with a grateful heart and feels especially connected to herself and God when she is in nature. For additional information on IPride, please visit Educations and Certifications; Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Bowling Green State University; Professional Life Coach, IPride Life Coaching, World Coach Institute, Miami FL; Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Teaching, Breathe for Change, San Francisco, CA.; The Science of Well-Being, Yale University; Personal Trainer, Athletics, and Fitness Association of America. Highlights; Living kidney donor, 2021; Featured author, “Mayhem to Miracles”, Sacred Stories publication, October 2021. IPride YouTube Channel, IPride in 5: Peace In, Peace Out; Presenter, Youth Leadership Summit, 2018, 2020; Panelist, “Sexual Assault: The Conversation Continues”, Bowling Green State University, 2020; Featured Story, “Seen + Heard: A series of photographs of men and women ending their silence with regards to sexual assault”, 2017. Published, “The Little Cloth Secret Keeper”, Women for One: Truthtellers 2017 Published, 3 poems, Luna Negra, Kent State University, 2012.

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  1. What a great share. It’s at times like this when we are totally open to letting God guide us through these moments in life that we find out that His plan is so much bigger than the one we had or looking to create. Super excited to see how this next chapter change the lives of those you are called to serve. God blessings to you.

  2. This essay inspires me as I face a different/similar type of transition in my life journey, Laura. I 100 percent support you and send many prayers for your success in the non-profit realm. You are a gift in the world-and this latest opportunity-plus, the within 3 days-divine choreography, demonstrates the power of faith, intuition, and love-inspired, right action. This experience reminds me of your astonishing kidney donation story-a different/similar—divine choreography going on. This new adventure seems deeply aligned with a passion of yours and one of your strongest commitments. You have Got This! I believe in you!!

  3. Hello Laura Gray
    I was just responding to Dr. Ali Anani’s Linkedin post on stretching and resilience. You got this. A challenge favors the prepared and my sense is you have been preparing your whole life for this moment.

    I have in my life been fired, had a business fail, quit and left a job the same day – and survived and thrived. My experience is not a guarantee of your success, but your sense of mission is a large step in that direction. Step into it. You got this.

    • Alan thank you so much for making the time to read the piece. This just happened last Friday and I woke up Saturday to these words in my mind! I do believe I have been preparing and have been prepared, chosen, in a sense, for this next role. I am so grateful! I would be open to further conversation. Thank you for your support!

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