Elevate Your Creativity in Business & Life

Are you ready to navigate an ever-changing world where creative thinking is no longer an option, it’s a necessity? That’s our reality now, and will only intensify in our tomorrows as we devise creative means to handle global issues and personal concerns.

All of life and business cry out for more right-brain thinking; thinking that often defies convention, logic, and predictability. This is the place where invention and innovation live and thrive compatibly.

Can you remember when you were in that creative space by yourself or with others, brainstorming or mind mapping, or just having fun and opening to laughter and play? How easy and timeless it felt, you felt, when there. Other worries and challenges were swept out of your thought field during that time. It was freeing and stimulating, as the birth of ideas exploded and the upbeat feelings expanded.

Creative activity is a stress reliever and mood enhancer. It’s no wonder we crave more of it. Bring it on!

I can recall a time, one night, in the cozy kitchen of a musician friend with myself and another author. Our conversation quite wonderfully, yet unexpectedly transformed into lyrics and music that we created on the spot. The joy and camaraderie washed over us and the creativity flowed freely producing a veritable work of art-a song!  How memorable was and still is that evening to me and to all of us.

Why Creativity?

Thinking creatively can enhance your life at work and at home and add value to all aspects of living. It opens the door to adventure and exploration and can be filled with wonder and surprise. Creative thinking is sexy! We are attracted to people who think outside of the box and shine brilliantly.

It can develop skills like muscles that you weren’t even aware you had. Problem-solving, analytic thought, and your brain power can increase.

Creative thinking and creative action don’t necessarily have limits unless they’re self-imposed. Release any mind limitations that tell you otherwise.

Here are six main ingredients that will produce creative moments in your life and business:

  1. Curiosity and the ability to suspend the impossible:

If you’re working with your team or just by yourself, don’t succumb to the ‘it can’t be done’ refrain. History defies that repeatedly with the inventions of the 8-cylinder automobile engine, the airplane, the television, air conditioning, the computer, iPhone, electric cars, and even space exploration to name a few.

Thankfully for all of us, the word ‘No’ wasn’t in the originator’s vocabulary. Now the reverse is true. It’s impossible to imagine our lives without them!

  1. Improbable connections make for interesting successes in business and life:

The invention of the hot dog bun took place during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904. A concessionaire sold hot sausages to his customers with gloves. Unfortunately, the gloves ran out. Desperate to salvage his business, he turned to his baker brother-in-law to devise a plan to fit the size and shape of the sausage. Hence came the long soft roll that has found a home ever since.

  1. Turn up your senses to absorb more information and expand your worldview:

In my book Sense Your Way to Life Satisfaction, I’ve included activities to amplify your senses which help attune you to the finer, more subtle, sights, sounds, smells, sensations, and tastes. When that happens, our experience is also heightened which can intensify pleasure and meaning. Our senses can strengthen your creativity and add much to the creative experience.

  1. Change the habits and routines that keep you stuck in the mundane:

How often do you drive down similar roads to reach your destination? When was the last time you chose a new route, new path, or even a new activity? We can get stagnant with too much constant repetition. Instead, get comfortable shaking things up more than just sometimes. It will broaden your perspective and nurture your mind and your senses with new brilliance and novel ideas and you’ll enjoy doing it.

  1. Have fun and play!

Some of the most creative ideas can take place when you’re playful and in a relaxed state. Your mind is open at those times for more novel experiences. It can wander in a direction that will both surprise and delight you. Play with other creative people. Play and meaningful engagement with others are not just stress relievers. They can keep you healthier and happier.

  1. Let go of No’s and Negatives:

They will drain you of energy and vitality and keep you stuck in limited thinking. They can hinder your achievements and hijack your goals. Replace them with the idea of infinite possibilities. There is absolutely no limit to what you can do when you put your heart and mind to the task.

Creative thinking relies on ‘Yes I Can’ and ‘Yes I Will’ even if the task seems impossible. Take up the challenge. Often studying the feats of others who have faced and overcome difficult situations can infuse you with courage and fortitude. Let those individuals be an inspiration to you to continue on and not be defeated.

Remind yourself that you are designed to grow, change and even transform you and your world. Don’t let defeat or doubt become entrapments that keep you down, minimize your worth or make you feel that you’re incapable. It’s time to value yourself and your ability. You are more capable than you know. Embrace that idea about you Now!


Dr. Jo Anne White
Dr. Jo Anne White
DR. JO ANNE WHITE is an International #1 bestselling, award-winning author, speaker, and consultant. She’s recognized as a Goodwill Global Ambassador for civil and humanitarian work in education, entrepreneurship, coaching, and women’s issues. Dr. White was also named a Worldwide Branding Top Female Executive in Professional Coaching by Worldwide Who's Who. As a certified life, spiritual, and business coach, counselor, and energy master teacher, she empowers and inspires men, women, families, and businesses to achieve greater health and wellness, master success, thrive, and triumph. She’s also the executive producer and host of the Power Your Life Shows. Known as the “Success Doc” to global audiences Doc White gets to the heart of what matters most to businesses, organizations, and people with her transformative and inspiring seminars, coaching programs, and products. With 25 years in education, administration, business, and leadership, she’s designed and delivered imaginative and inspiring training programs, seminars, and curriculum for universities, churches, non-profit organizations, medical facilities, as well as for corporations, and companies such as Temple University, GlaxoSmith Kline, West Jersey Hospital and Women In Communication. As the CEO of Dr. Jo Anne White Consulting Services, LLC, she teaches people how to overcome adversity and turn challenges into opportunities while helping businesses and organizations build unified teams and create more personal and professional success. Her coaching and counseling expertise has led Dr. Jo Anne to help people of all ages, abilities, and challenges. Client care is matched to the unique needs and special talents of each person and organization integrating mind, body, and spiritual practices.Doc White has been featured online, in national and international publications such as, Good Housekeeping, and WebMD to name a few. She had made frequent guest appearances on radio and television networks such as NBC, CN8, World Talk Radio, and Voice of America.

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  1. Jo Anne,

    From the first line of your exceedingly upbeat article, I experienced a level of synergy that was indeed no surprise to me. Many if your quotes have I written down. ‘Creative thinking, not an option but a necessity’. ‘Creative activity, a stress reliever’ and more. Creativity does not always visit the heart, but engaging with people, sharing different ideas and opinions can open up a world of creative energy.

    Birth of ideas explode and upbeat feelings expand.

    I just loved your creativity and motivational drive.

    Thank Jo Anne for lighting a beacon of creativity and positivity.


  2. Hi Dr. Jo Anne

    Your topic is so favorite to me. Nothing excites me like having spontaneous creativity. Your example of such mioments captured my heart. I mean “I can recall a time, one night, in the cozy kitchen of a musician friend with myself and another author. Our conversation quite wonderfully, yet unexpectedly transformed into lyrics and music that we created on the spot.” Not only you created the lyrics and music on the spot, but it also put you in your sweet spot.

    Your six ingredients are great and they form the environment that is relaxing so that creative ideas emerge without planning.