Eight Days In: And I’m Feeling Mean …

This isn’t a log or a journal or anything like that. But, since I vomited up my story about my broken “relationship” with alcohol, I felt I owed you a follow-up. In the name of “accountability.”

Sherry’s Margarita Mocktail:

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Sherry McGuinn
Sherry McGuinn
Sherry McGuinn is a long-time, Chicago area, advertising/marketing writer, blogger and, for the last fifteen years, screenwriter. A big-time dreamer and proud of it, Sherry has had two short films produced, one in L.A., the other in New York. Both won several awards and screened at festivals but she is still "fighting the good fight," in order to become a full-time, working screenwriter. A passionate straight-shooter who never rests on her laurels, Sherry writes about damn near everything because how do you encapsulate…life? Unflinching in her determination to “just tell the truth,” Sherry strives to educate, engage and inspire others to follow their dreams. A lifelong animal lover and advocate, Sherry resides in a Chicago suburb with her husband and their three fabulous felines.


  1. Wow, such vulnerability in sharing this piece, Sherry. My mantra is one day at a time. Hell, take it a minute at a time if you need to do so. Mindset is excellent when it is going in the right direction, but when that darkness sets in, it can leave us swirling in the eye of the storm.

    You are tough, Sherry, and I suspect that you will find a way through this. You aren’t alone. We all have some weight that we carry, and making it through a day without becoming a babbling brook is an accomplishment.

    • Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Laura. Some people don’t get the “not being able to look at the big picture,” thing. You’re right: One day, one hour, one minute at a time. That’s all I can handle right now, and if I fall down, I’ll get back up and try again.

      I appreciate you, my friend. Stay safe and well.

      • You’re very welcome, Sherry. I get it. I’ve been there on a different level, and I’m there now also. I lost my job at the end of March, and for someone who is fueled by their career, it’s been an adjustment, to say the least. And I’ll I can do is take it day by day. Some days are great, others aren’t. I spent the past two weeks being a hot mess, but I am better now. We all have stuff, Sherry. And the fact that you own it and are trying is half the battle. You’ve got this, and you will feel stronger every day.

  2. Sherry — Thanks for your willingness to connect on such vulnerable level.

    Relate? Ha! You wussy? Hardly. Many days I find myself pleading that I’ve just been in a terrible dream for the last 3.5 years. Is this really what we’ve become as a nation? Is this the best we can do?

    You’re right to focus elsewhere. For me, it’s walking and mumbling my Sinek “Why” as if it’s a mantra. None of us can fix it all, but we can make a dent somewhere.

  3. Great post Sherry! I hit this moment a few months back where I felt the need to put myself in a timeout. It feels good to get control of our brains, but like you, I wasn’t giving it up all together. I’ve since began again and have luckily been able to remain in control of the entire moderation factor.

    Thanks for being vulnerable. I’m proud of you. You are a force.