Effectively Marketing a Small Business in a Small Town

As any experienced entrepreneur can attest, marketing a small business can be an uphill battle – no matter where it’s based. Even if you’re setting up shop in a small community, you may be surprised to discover how difficult getting the word out can be. Fortunately, while effectively marketing your new enterprise in a small town may prove challenging, it’s by no means impossible. A little bit of follow-through and a willingness to try new things can take you a long way in your quest to build awareness. So, whether you’ve recently opened your first small business or will soon be doing so, the following tips are likely to prove useful.

Create Memorable Signage and Merchandise

When it comes to making a lasting impression on prospective patrons, a good logo is liable to serve you well. If your graphic design experience leaves a lot to be desired, reach out to a seasoned designer or professional marketing company. After crafting an eye-catching logo that perfectly encapsulates your enterprise and its mission, contact a dependable sign printing service and task them with incorporating it into your business’s signage. For added exposure, consider printing your new logo on mugs, pens, hats and other merchandise and distributing this promotional merch for free.

Buying a Booth at Local Events

Buying booth space at local events can be a great way to make your presence known in a small community. In addition to members of the public, these events are often attended by local business and community leaders. So, if you’re looking for the perfect place to network, consider attending local fairs, business events and employment drives. The more people upon whom you leave a lasting impression, the more interest you’re liable to generate in your enterprise. These venues are also ideal for distributing the above-mentioned merchandise.

Purchasing Ad Space in Local Publications

Print media has certainly taken a walloping over the last decade. With many print publications folding, it’s easy to see why some businesses have stopped using them as a vehicle for advertising. However, if there’s one place newspapers are still doing fairly well, it’s small towns. While many small town residents may get their national – and international – news from television and the internet, newspapers still remain the best source for local happenings.

That being the case, you should strongly consider purchasing ad space in your local paper. Buying space in both the digital and print versions of the paper can ensure that you get your message across to the highest number of residents possible.

Create Locally-Focused Web Content

When crafting content for your business’s website, you’d be wise to take search engine optimization (SEO) into account. Fortunately, creating search engine-optimized content that boosts your local search ranking is far easier than playing the SEO game on a national scale. In your efforts to craft locally-focused content, keyword integration can prove tremendously helpful. For example, using language like “high-quality web design in Galena, IL” can help connect you with residents in need of your services.

In addition to plugging locally-focused keywords into your content, try to craft blog posts and feature articles that pertain specifically to your locale. You can also help boost your search ranking by uploading new content to your site on a consistent basis, since prominent search engines often favor sites that are regularly updated. Furthermore, make an effort to avoid gratuitously littering your content with keywords. Not only does this make the content seem inauthentic, it can also draw the ire of Google and other search giants. If search engines become aware that you’re engaged in keyword stuffing, you can expect to see your site’s ranking take a nosedive.

If you’ll soon be opening a small business in a sparsely-populated community, you’re likely to find that generating interest is more difficult than you think. This isn’t to say that marketing a new enterprise in a small town is harder than promoting a fledgling business in a big city, but if you think you can just sit back and wait for customers to come to you, you may be in for a rude awakening. To help build awareness for a brand-new venture in a small community, put the previously discussed measures to good use.

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